Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesday is pretty much self-explanatory.

It's the day for those book reviews of select nommy tales that are so super steamy and erotic, they must come with a warning label. So hang your cloak of virtue on the rack and join me in the debauchery.
Erotica ~ Mature 18+

*Book source ~ Free on Amazon
Published ~ 20 August 2015
Genre ~ Erotica
Pages ~ 25

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Charlotte is 22-years-old and thanks to an inheritance from her grandfather she has started her own business, Charlotte’s Blooms. Business is building slowly and with her internet orders she’s doing pretty good. Devoting all her time to her business though means no time for a man. Until…

When an internet customer comes to the store in a panic wanting to cancel his drunken order, Charlotte gets really inappropriate with him. And he indulges her. In a big way. Get it? Big.Way. Heh eh. Then as he’s giving her maximum effort the delivery guy shows up to witness the show. Oo lala! The writing could use some editing, but the hot scene is pretty tasty. This is a quick hot read.

Also: I searched monster porn and this popped up. Bad, Amazon search engine. Bad!