Monday, May 23, 2016

Dual Review Gertrude's Grace

*Book source*
Carol ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.
Amelia ~ Kindle Unlimited
Author ~ Jaimey Grant
Published ~ 3 April 2016
Genre ~ Historical | Romance
Pages ~ 42

My Rating ~ 4 bites 

Lady Gertrude tries so hard to be what Society expects of her…a Lady. But it seems no matter what she does it turns out wrong. Her illustrious graceless career peaks when she falls on Lord Chatterton, the catch of the Season. The ton makes fun of her, but Chatterton does not. He treats her like the Lady she truly is, grace or not, and Gertrude can’t figure out why. While waiting for the other shoe to drop, she falls in love with him. But that’s ok, because he’s already in love with her. With his mother, sister and all of Society against the match, do they stand a chance?

This is a fun, sweet, historical romance. Gertrude tends to be on the clumsy side, but Chatterton has a less obvious “flaw” that people rarely see because he’s taken great pains to hide it. Gertrude’s confusion over his attention is fun to witness as are the situations her clumsiness gets her into. I especially chortled at Gertrude’s opening fall in the beginning. Not because she fell and as he was helping her up she fell onto him, but what happened right after that. I will say no more. It’s a must read scene. *giggles* If you’re looking for a fun short read with great characters then look no further!

Amelia's Rating ~ 4

Lady Gertrude is everything un-lady like in her era, she is loud, boisterous, clumsy and curvy. Gertrude has resigned herself to the fact that she will probably never marry. Lord Chatterton is the most eligible bachelor around, tall handsome and a Duke, Gertrude never expects to be noticed by him. That is of course, until she takes a very public tumble, bringing Lord Chatterton down with her.

This was my first reading of historical fiction and I loved every second of it. Filled with whimsy, Lady Gertrude and Lord Chatterton took me a wonderful trip back in time to their world. Every interaction is filled with a disaster on Gertrude’s part and amused patience on Chatterton’s. My biggest complaint is in its length, I wanted to learn more about these lovable characters! If you are looking for a quick read that will make you laugh and leave you with a warm glow, Ms. Grant’s novella is just the book for you.   


  1. Thank you so much for your reviews, ladies! I am thrilled you enjoyed the story!

    Little trivia: the first beta copy was half the length. My beta readers bemoaned the shortness and gave me a LOT of pointers on where I could expand the story a bit. I am eternally in their debt for that. :D

    It was so much fun to write and I'm so glad everyone is enjoying it. ♥

    1. I'm so glad you made it longer. It's such a fun read! :)

  2. I do love an unladylike Lady. :D This sounds like a nice like palate cleaner between bigger books.

    1. It would be perfect for that. A fun, quick read to recharge the batteries, so to speak. :)