Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Featured Spotlight

A collection of 5 star reads in a multitude of genres
from InD'tale Magazine's past issues.

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Title ~ Hart's Desire
Series ~ La Fleur de Love
Author ~ Lori Leger
Published ~ 6 December 2011
Pages ~ 51

Rating ~ 5

This beautifully written, heart-wrenching short story has well-developed characters that reach out grab the reader and draw them into their conflict. 

Full review HERE
*February 2013 issue*


Published ~ 6 August 2014
Pages ~ 299

Rating ~ 5

Set in London and Scotland in 1815, this beautifully crafted tale has all the feels! 

Full review HERE
*February 2015 issue*

Series ~ The Last Bucelarii, #1
Author ~ Andy Peloquin
Published ~ 11 July 2015
Pages ~ 299

Rating ~ 5

From the first words on the page this fantasy holds the reader spellbound even after the book is finished.

Full review HERE
*April 2015 issue*

Author ~ various
Published ~ 18 April 2013
Pages ~ 346

Rating ~ 5

The authors here bring characters old and new together to weave a wonderful fresh look at old favorites.

Full review HERE
*July/August 2013 double issue*

Title ~ Earth's Hope
Author ~ Ann Gimpel
Published ~ 6 March 2015
Pages ~ 305

Rating ~ 5

This final installment of the Earth Reclaimed series is nearly non-stop thrilling action from beginning to end! 

Full review HERE
*May 2015 issue*

Title ~ Desert Heat
Author ~ Laurie White
Published ~ 12 October 2012
Pages ~ 171

Rating ~ 5

This romantic suspense is well-written with a tight plot. 

Full review HERE
*March 2013 issue*

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