Saturday, February 27, 2016

Serial Killer Saturday

*Book source ~ Library
Author & Illustrator ~ Rick Geary
Publisher ~ NBM Publishing
Published ~ 28 February 1997
Genre ~ Graphic Novel | Non-Fiction 
Pages ~ 64

My Rating ~ 4 bites

From Goodreads:
Rick has researched this book extensively and presents, with his own inimitable tongue-in-cheek style, the jack The Ripper mystery as told through a journal of a fascinated Englishman of the day. Both factual and darkly funny, Geary's personal take on this story shines an ironic light on the repressive society that spawned such a monster. TOP TEN QUICK PICKS '96 American Library Association (YALSA)

Having never read any books about Jack the Ripper, I feel this graphic novel is a good starting point. It certainly whets the appetite to learn more details about what went down than the bare facts depicted here. Supposedly this is from an interested Englishman’s journals kept during the time of the attacks and I can say, this armchair detective uses a lot of !!!. The illustrations are quite detailed and I enjoyed them even if they are done in black and white. My 16-yr-old saw the book on my desk and was interested until he leafed through it and said, “Nope. There’s no color.” I said, “But it’s really good!” He said, “No.” So I said, “But it’s an historical book! They didn’t have color back then.” I got a “look”. You know the one, it says, “Really, mom? Just…really?” Well, I tried. lol Any fan of Jack the Ripper should pick this up. I think it would be a great addition to any collection.

*Book source ~ Library
Author ~ Jeff Jensen
Illustrator ~ Jonathan Case
Publisher ~ Dark Horse
Published ~ 10 November 2015
Genre ~ Graphic Novel | True Crime
Pages ~ 240

My Rating ~ 5 bites

Jeff Jensen, son of Detective Tom Jensen, tells the story in graphic novel form of the decades long hunt and arrest of the infamous Green River Killer.

I’ve heard of the Green River Killer over the years, but I never delved into the background. Sad considering I earned an Associates in Applied Science in Criminal Justice. I’m bad and ashamed. *hangs head* Anyway, this is a great telling of how things went down. Using flashbacks between 2003 and the 80s (mostly), it gives a lot of detail without going overboard, so I got the gist and can read further in other books if I wish. The illustrations are in black and white and they’re consistent and pretty good. I recommend this for any fan of true crime, serial killers and/or graphic novels.

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