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FFS ~ Short Fuse & 3 Christmas Anthologies

Friday Featured Spotlight
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*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.
Title ~ Holiday Spice
Series ~ Hot Holiday Reads, #1
Author ~ various
Published ~ 7 November 2013
Genre ~ Anthology | Erotica | Holiday
Pages ~ 279

My Rating ~ 3 bites and a nibble
Total score ~ 54 ÷ 17 = 3.18

This Christmas anthology contains 17 spicy stories in the contemporary, fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi genres. While the majority of these are well-written and edited/proofread, there are a few that seem to have fallen through the cracks (they are noted). I must also note that while I rarely read contemporary anymore there are several in this anthology that I find quite delicious.

Christmas Spice by Anna Leigh Keaton ~ Naughty role play is very nommy. {5 bites}

A Not so Lonely Christmas by Jody Holford ~ Snowbound friends to lovers. {3 bites}

Naughty or Nice by Ainsley Winter ~ Jock and nerd come together years after high school. Needs further editing/proofreading. {3 bites}

Put a Bow on It by Zrinka Jelie ~ Office ass gets his. Needs further editing/proofreading. {2 bites}

The Messenger by Kim Kasch ~ Not impressed. Needs further editing/proofreading {2 bites}

Office Santa by Jade A. Waters ~ Some people have a Santa fetish. I don’t, but this is my favorite simply because it’s so hot it makes me want to rethink a Santa fetish. Nom! {5 bites on Santa’s butt}

Kinky Bells by Sidney Bristol ~ BDSM Christmas {3 bites}

Snow and Love by Callie Russell ~ A snowstorm while skiing turns out to be the best thing ever. {5 bites}

Secret Santa by Kyra Mason ~ That is one observant Secret Santa.  {4 bites}

Counting by Numbers by L.R. Wright ~ Bored now. {2 bite}

A Second Chance by J.A. Pope ~ I’m so full of meh about this one. {2 bites}

No. 18 by Megan Carey ~ A heaping bag full of NOPE. This woman is scum. Was her name even mentioned? I have no idea and I don’t care. {0 bites}

Homecoming by D.R. Slaten ~ So very boring and full of unconvincing drama. {1 bite}

Christmas Sex Magic by Philippa Ballentine ~ Fantasy involving the Fae {4 bites}

Guardian Angel by Laura Kreitzer ~ Who knew angels were so sexual?! Nom!{4 bites}

The Murder King’s Christmas by Jamie Leigh Hansen ~ Intriguing paranormal {4 bites}

The Silent Stars Go By by Peggy Barnett ~ Nommy sci-fi orgy. (warning: f/f, m/m action in addition to f/m) {5 bites}

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.
Series ~ Hot Holiday Reads, #2
Author ~ various
Published ~ 27 November 2014
Genre ~ Anthology | Erotica | Holiday
Pages ~ 192

My Rating ~ 3 bites
Total score ~ 39 ÷ 13 = 3

This Christmas anthology contains 13 stories. With the exception of one they are all contemporary. Some are hot, some are ok, two didn’t appeal to me and one is just awful. Maybe you’ll enjoy them more.

Miss B’s Christmas Mix by Mairi Kilaine ~ Jazz band and jazz choir directors make music. {3 bites}

Oh! What Fun It Is to Ride by Elizabeth Shandy ~ Naughty limo action. {4 bites}

A Christmas Mechanical by Philippa Ballantine ~ Some quite steamy Steampunk. Nom! {4.5 bites}

Old Fashioned with a Twist by Paul Goat Allen ~ Twist indeed. Nice! {4 bites}

Away in a Maison by Bethany Hyde ~ BDSM Christmas. {3 bites}

Fake It Till You Make It by Melissa Lenhardt ~ Picking up a stranger. Naughty nomminess. {4 bites}

Wet Christmas by Anh Leod ~ Aquaphile fun. NOM! {5 bites}

Holy Fuck by E.B. Ashcroft ~ M/m fun, that was only so-so. {3 bites}

Ghost of Christmas Past by Wendy Vogel ~ Old lovers reunited. {3.5 bites}

So You Believe in Santa? by Nicola Jane ~ Getting it on with Santa. {3 bites}

I’m Coming Home by Blake C. Aarens ~ Terrible writing style and if you’re going to write about Marines then you better know wtf you’re talking about. F!!! {0 bites}

From Keats, with Love by Maureen Lee ~ Bored now. {1 bite}

Stealing Christmas by Peggy Barnett ~ Ugh {1 bite}

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.
Series ~ Hot Holiday Reads
Author ~ various
Published ~ 3 December 2015
Genre ~ Anthology | Erotica | Holiday
Pages ~ 198

My Rating ~ 3 bites and a nibble
Total score ~ 36.5 ÷ 11 = 3.32

100% of the profits of this book will be donated to the UNHCR, the UN agency leading and coordinating international action to protect refugees.

This Christmas anthology has 11 tales of Christmas steaminess. 10 are contemporary and one is fantasy.

Mistletoe Masquerade by Matt Inay ~ Ooohhh, acrobats are very flexible. {4.5 bites}

The Snowman by Kenya Wright ~ A yummy different fantasy. {4 bites}

Maybe This Year by Wendy Qualls ~ M/m nomminess stems from a Gentlemen’s Club. {4 bites}

Middle of the Storm by Amelia Creed ~Stranded in a car in a snowstorm. Meh. {2 bites}

Present Under Her Tree by May B. Bridges ~ Boring D/s {2 bites}

Blame the Mistletoe by Angelique Reyes ~ A so-so friends to lovers tale. {3 bites}

Spending the Holidays with Randy Rob by Kelly Cain ~Online relationship goes live. {3.5 bites}

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? by Bethany Hyde ~Bored now. {2 bites}

Oooh Holy Night by Laura Elizabeth ~ Confusing and the guy is an asshole. {1.5 bites}

Anything for a Drink by Catherine Silver ~ Hot, M/m action at the same party as the first story. {5 bites}

Hung by the Fire by Peggy Barnett ~ Ooooh, historical naughtiness! BDSM, ménage and m/m action. {5 resounding bites}

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