Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Sunday Post ~ 117th Edition

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  •  Monday ~ Review ~ The Film Student and Me by Julie Hilden
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  • Friday ~ Review ~ How to Discipline Your Vampire by Mina Vaughn
  • Sunday ~ The Sunday Post ~ 118th Edition

AVR News Update
Hello and Happy Sunday!

On the Home Front: I am continually forced to leave my jammies behind and do errands in regular clothes. It sucks. What happened to the days where I would take the kids to school, come home and put my jammies back on until it was time to pick them up again?! I want those days back! The good news is I still have two eyes, one on either side of my nose. Hubby and I had our yearly eye doc app't and all is good. Since I haven't made the insurance company buy me new long distance glasses in a very long time (pssst, I never wear them so they're lasting forever or as long as the prescription doesn't need changed) I decided it was time for them to cough up for some magnifiers. The ones I picked up at Walmart, while really cute, hurt my ears if I wear them for a long period of time. about 7 days I'll have some really nice, and hopefully comfy, glasses to wear when I can't change the font of what I'm reading. Or getting splinters out, threading a needle, tweezing my eyebrows or any other up close tiny work that needs me to actually see what I'm doing.

Touching Nature: Battle II of Leafageddon was completed in the dark on Friday. I looked the next day and my trusty sidekick, Leaf Blower, and I did a pretty good job of eliminating the leafy enemy.

Book News: I've been very good about writing reviews as soon as I finish a book. Right now I need to write two and that's only because I just finished them yesterday. I'm currently 15 books behind on my Goodreads Challenge and I realized this week that I have an impressive collection of drafted posts (19, mostly graphic novels) to use in case I need to take a break or plug into a day that needs one. I'm also currently 15 for 15 on my suggested purchases to the library. My last suggestion, Green River Killer (graphic novel), was one I really thought would be denied, but nope. It's in my Holds waiting to come in. With great power comes great responsibility, but I so want to suggest some off-the-wall book just to see if they buy it.

Don't Touch That Dial!: I watched absolutely nothing this week. Wait, I take that back. Trip & I continue to watch 1 episode of Bones every school morning, but that's it for me. I wanted to continue my Arrow marathon and just couldn't pull it off. I will aim for a day this week. Maybe Weds.

At the Flicks: Zip

Cyberspace Playground: I put on my headphones and watched some YouTube on Weds evening because Trip and hubby were watching Arrow and they are way ahead of me. I didn't want to hear what was going on.

Randomness: Me after the time change.

Also this because it cracked me up.

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
Shelf Additions
From the library

(of course Vol 1 came in the next day *sigh*)

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  1. oh my goodness, look at all the yummy freebies, thanks for letting us know I ended up nabbing some. Oh yes, I will be missing my pajama days too heh

    1. You're welcome! I have no problem sharing my Freebie Addiction. lol

  2. Winter's Bride is so pretty. OMG that eye gift cracks me up. I have to wear sexy librarian glasses when reading books not on my ereader. I had to get prescription because my eye balls are shaped funny? IDK. Yes I want to stay in my pajamas all day ..especially when it gets cold.

    1. I had a bet with myself that you'd like that cover. lol Funny shaped eyeballs? Hmmm...well at least they don't stop you from reading. :) Jammies are the best especially in the winter. And most especially when a fire is going in the fireplace.

  3. I like the font here - I don't need my readers for your page. I had to go up on my magnifiers - but I buy mine at TJ Max!

  4. It sucks doesn't it? I really miss sleeping as late as I want, dressing when I want, and not going to work to deal with a bunch of brats. I hate being all grown up. Lol.

    You've reminded me that I seriously need to go. The eye doctor. I haven't been in like 7 years - this is the first time I've had eye insurance since then. I really need new glasses! I need to see if winters bride is still free - that cover is gorgeous! Any who have a great week :)

    1. Adulting can really suck, but then there's wine, so...LOL

      I go every year because my mom has been dealing with macular degeneration for years. I want to keep a close watch on my eyes for that reason. So far so good. The two big no-nos are smoking and not wearing sunglasses, so I should be fairly safe because I don't and I do. :)

  5. Ooo, pretty covers on Snowed Inn and Hope Under Mistletoe. I'll have to check those out.

    I haven't been to the eye doctor in several years and I know I need a new prescription. Are Walmart glasses good quality?

    You know, you don't actually have to get rid of the leaves; your lawn is better for leaving them and letting them compost naturally. I shared an article about it on FB.

    Put your jammies on, read, and write reviews! And don't forget to watch Arrow. :)

    1. The Walmart ones I picked up are magnifiers. They seem pretty good, just har don my ears because the earpieces aren't adjustable. They make my head hurt right behind my ears if I wear them too long.

      We live in the woods, surrounded by the enemy, I mean trees. I have to blow the leaves off or they will kill anything underneath. There are way too many to let decompose on their own. I mean, I blew leaves off Friday and then it got windy last night and now it looks like I didn't blow any off. I'll probably battle one more time then leave the rest alone.

      I have jammies on, but I've been busy visiting and such. However, now I'm going to read. And I definitely need to watch Arrow on Weds. :)

  6. WAIT A MINUTE!!! Do I see Christmas book...*narrows eyes* I think I do! I am totally rubbing off on you ;)

    My husband has needed new glasses for 15 years but he makes every excuse not to go because, ya know, not seeing isn't a bad thing *rolls eyes*

    Have a great week! Happy Reading! ox

    1. Maaaaaaybe...hey, free is free! :D I'm still searching for Christmas monster porn. That search is sadly lacking in results. *pouts* I should just write it my own damn self. lol

      Why's he waiting? It's not like it hurts or anything. lol

  7. I'm caught up on Arrow- well I'm up to S4 but haven't seen any of S4 yet. I binged through the first three over the last month or so. Now I'm starting Flash, which I was avoiding (thought it would be dumb) but it's not bad. Felicity showed up in E4 and that was nice to see a link (plus, you know- Felicity). LOL.

    Love the time chang graphic. And the Green Arrow graphic novel- I should try those.

    1. Theyr'e in Season 3 I think. I've still got several episodes of Season 1 to watch. I'm going to try to put a big dent in that gap on Weds. I wasn't going to watch Flash, but maybe I'll give it a try. And yes, I do love Felicity. :D

      Hubby's the one who asked about the Arrow graphic novels, so I grabbed them (well one, I'll have the other one this week). They say they're the New 52, so I'm not sure about what that actually means. Comics/graphic novels are a whole new confusing world for me. lol

  8. You got so many good freebies. I want to start reading graphic novels to try something different. I love Arrow so I'll have to check his out. Have a great week!

    1. There's such a wide variety of graphic novels now. Even classics! :)

  9. I just finished reading Green River Killer it was an interesting graphic novel. Kind of like the shortened version of how they caught him with out having to read all the technical police jargon and filler in the normal true crime

    Picked up a few of the freebies you got as I needed a couple Christmasy

    Have a great week and enjoy your new reads!


    1. I love police jargon, but I think I'll enjoy the shortened graphic novel, too. I can't wait for it to come in. :D

      Yeah, I couldn't let the Christmasy ones pass me by. Tis the season (almost) after all. lol

      Thanks, Stormi! You, too!

  10. Hahaha that gif cracks me up! Well I'd say you definitely deserve new glasses. :) Ah, Bones ... that's a show I need to start watching. Have a great week and enjoy your books.

    1. Season 11 is airing now and I'm getting the feeling it's going to be over soon. :( But 11 season is pretty good and it's a great show. :)

  11. Adulting isn't all it was cracked up to be when I was a kid! Especially the no jammies the whole day thing really does suck!
    It sounds like you had a great week anyway, though, and you got some amazing-looking books!
    I so agree about the time change :( it makes me want to cry when it's dark out when I leave class!
    That eye-gif is so funny! Thanks for sharing it.
    Have a fantastic week and happy reading.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. No jammies does suck. They're so comfy! lol

      This early dark stuff is such crap. *pouts*

  12. That's good to hear your appointment with the doctor went well and your eyes are okay. And yay for new glasses. I wear jammies most of the days as I work from home and it's nice to be comfortable. That gif is prety awesome, I had the urge to keep watching. I also grabbed Shadows of Asphodel this week when it was free, I heard some good things about the series. And Earls Just Want to Have Fun, even though I didnt enjoy the sequel, I heard the first book is better. I hope you'll have a great week!

    1. That eye gif is mesmerizing. lol *high fives* for jammies all day! I love Curiosity Quills books! And they aren't free often so I was all over those last week. :)

  13. All those side eyes are brilliant especially Loki!!

    Lots of great books, I hope you have a fab week!