Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WoWwA ~ Shadow Study

*Book source ~ Purchased on Audible
Title ~ Shadow Study
Series ~ Soulfinders, #1
Author ~ Maria V. Snyder
Narrator ~ Gabra Zackman
Publisher ~ Mira
Published ~ 24 February 2015
Genre ~ Fantasy
Length ~ 11 hrs 28 minutes

Rating ~ 4 bites
Narration ~ 5 bites

Yelena finds herself targeted for assassination and loses her magic, Valek finds himself at odds with the Commander and the Power Twins are trying to keep things together. Smuggling is rife, plots are thick and tricky and it’s hard to decide who to trust.

Guest Reviewers:

T ~ my 16-yr-old son
K ~ my 14-yr-old son

Yelena, Valek and the gang are back. Told from three POVs (Yelena, Valek, Janco), the story switches back and forth between them as they deal with current events. A lot of Valek’s story consists of flashbacks on how he became the man he is today. We loved his portion because as T put it: Valek is effing awesome! K & I have to agree. Janco is always good for amusement and we’re mixed about Yelena. We mostly like her but there are times we seriously want to bitchslap her for doing stupid shit. Seriously. The alternating storylines were ok. We think it was a bit frustrating to get to a good point in one arc only to have it slip to the next and then the next. Grrr. Overall though we did enjoy having all three arcs come together in the end. And I have to tell you that K called that ending about 1/3 of the way into the book. That boy is too smart for his own good. LOL Oh, and that ending? Holy shit! As for the new characters, we’re reserving judgment. I kinda like Onora, but I don’t trust her. Yet. The Commander has me worried, K and T aren’t with T saying that he believes the Commander is incorruptible. I’m not so sure. Again, I’m worried where this story is heading. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out.

Favorite Quotes:

Yelena to Onora about Janco: “ He grows on you. Sort of like a barnacle.”

Valek to Yelena: “We should make a list of who doesn’t want to kill you, love. It’d be shorter.”
I’d be offended, but it was actually a good idea.

Valek had learned the best way to distribute information was to classify it as secret.

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