Friday, September 11, 2015

FanFic Friday

Erotica ~ Mature 18+


Welcome to my very first fanfic review. I've known about fanfic for many years now, but never had any real desire to read it, any of it. That is, until early this year when I finally sat down to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Way back when, I was too busy to watch it when it came out and frankly, I was so not interested. Then Fall of 2014 my 15-yr-old son decided he wanted to watch Angel, so he started with Buffy. I still resisted, but eventually was intrigued enough to start from the beginning and watch it for myself. Thus began my obsession. I binged on Netflix for days, looked up favorite clips and fan-made vids on YouTube, joined Facebook groups dedicated to the show and discovered the graphic novels. It was on YouTube in the comments on one of the videos that I found a list of fanfic sites for Spike/Buffy shippers. I have since convinced my husband to watch (we're currently in Season 4 and Season 1 of Angel) and he is now a fan. 

Now, my very first fanfic read wasn't on one of the sites listed. I actually found a link in one of the Facebook groups where an Admin has been writing a story and posting chapter by chapter, but that story isn't complete yet. So, I went to Nauti Bitz to see what was what since there was enthusiastic discussion about her story Under the Influence. She's got a fairly well organized site and even has a Yahoo Group, but it doesn't appear she's been updating for several years now. Which is quite the bummer. Her stories are awesome. Seriously. 

Naturally I read Under the Influence first but then realized she has different stories in different parts of the seasons. So I went back (yes, I binged for two days reading just about everything on her site) and read them in order , not that they need to be. The stories are all standalones. They don't interconnect, so really you can read them in any order you desire. Some stories are fairly short and some are really long, but they all have a common theme. Buffy and Spike getting it on. Spectacularly, I might add. Nauti Bitz is spot on with the characters. While reading I can totally picture the scene playing out in my head, as if I'm watching it on Netflix. Well, Netflix, the Porn Channel. Because this stuff is hot, hot, hot. And unless you think I'm just saying that, I had my husband read Don't Stop and without any prompting from me, said the exact same thing, that it was like watching the show only x-rated. I shit you not. 

So, here's the list of titles I've read on the site and my ratings. I'm going to list them by the season she's put them in. And try very hard not to read them all over again while getting the pertinent info. There are still several I haven't read, but may one day. The majority of the stories are Spike/Buffy, but there are a few that aren't.

Don't Stop ~ {Season 2 ~ 21,500 words} ~ 5 bites
All Over It ~ {Season 3 ~ 9,960 words} ~ 5 bites
Captivated ~ {Season 3 ~ 13,650 words} ~ 4 bites and a nibble
Under the Influence ~ {Season 4 ~ 8,600 words} ~ 5 bites
Body Shots ~ {Season 4 ~ 9,485 words} ~ 4 bites and a nibble
Wild Things ~ {Season 4 ~ 5,600 words} ~ 4 bites
Close Encounters ~ {Season 4 ~ Anthology (6 stories)~ 19,496 words} ~ 4 bites and a nibble
In Heat ~ {Season 5 ~ 30,310 words} ~ 4 bites
Skin on Skin ~ {Season 5 ~ 10,500 words} ~ 4 bites
Peaches & Herbs ~ {Season 6 ~ 5,342 words} ~ 4 bites
That Thing ~ {Season 6 ~ 4,870 words} ~ 5 bites
Heart Don't Lie ~ {Season 4 Alternate Universe ~ 90,660 words} ~ 3 bites

I read everything under the "quickies" tab. There are 19 quick reads and I'm not going to rate each one individually.  Let's just say I enjoyed them (some more than others) and leave it at that.

Giles/Buffy (yep, she went there lol)
Helpful Guy ~ {Season 3 ~ 1,349 words} ~ 3 bites and an oh, dear!

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