Monday, August 17, 2015

KLL ~ She Likes It Rough

Erotica ~ Mature 18+

*Book source ~ Kindle Lending Library
July pick
Author ~ Ashlynn Cox
Publisher ~ Ménage
Published ~ 2 June 2015
Genre ~ Erotica | Anthology
Pages ~ 129

My Rating ~ 2 bites

Five short erotic stories under one roof. All are ménage, but the themes are a bit different. The sex is hot, hot, hot and the sole reason I gave this book 2 bites. Unfortunately, the writing blows and not in a good way. I sincerely doubt this book was edited. At all. If it was then the author needs a refund ASAP. I cannot emphasize enough how truly awful the writing is. The pacing, structure and dialogue are awkward, stilted and painful to read. On the other hand, the sexy bits are inventive and hot. This would be a stellar collection if it had a good going over by a decent editor. There are five diamonds in the rough here, but they need a lot of polishing to make them show-worthy.

Swipe Right For Menage  ~ A virgin wants to be a virgin no more. m/f/m

Pleasure Palace ~ A bored husband and wife do the maid. m/f/f

Her Hot Revenge ~ Man cheats on his virgin girlfriend, virgin picks up 2 strangers and records the awesome sex. m/f/m

In Search Of Pleasure ~ Two women get wild with a stranger who saves them. Interracial m/f/f

Marked For Pleasure ~ Two shifters rescue a woman from a vampire. m/f/m


  1. Ugh, sorry! Terrible writing is the case with a lot of smut writers, unfortunately.

    1. I know. Though I have picked up some that are pretty good. Unfortunately this was not one of them. That's why I like to pick new-to-me authors for my free book of the month.

  2. I've read good erotica, recently, written by Harper Miller if you want to give her a try ;)