Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Sunday Post ~ 95th Edition

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AVR News Update
Hello and Happy Sunday! 

It's the last day of May. Hard to believe that this year is 42% complete, isn't it? This past week was uneventful. Thank goodness. I have nothing to report except that hubby, Anna (my 17-yr-old daughter) and I donated blood yesterday. I still have many reviews to write and I'm way behind on the book reading, but I'll get caught up eventually. Not gonna sweat it. Ok, I'm sweating it a little, but I'm going to make a real effort to at least get the reviews written this week. *fingers crossed*

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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  1. A very quiet week indeed. :) Good luck with your review writing!

    1. I don't mind quiet weeks. :) And I got 9 reviews written yesterday! O.O I've got 10 to go, but I'm going to draft posts now. That way I only need to plug the review in when I write it. Besides, 8 of those reviews are for the Buffy graphic novels. No rush for those.

  2. I enjoyed your review of Werewolves With Chocolate. That name is catchy too. I tried to donate blood last week and they didn't need it. I have a very rare blood type and they said they had plenty already as most people don't need it. Oh well, I tried:)

    My Sunday Post -

    1. Wut?! They didn't want your blood? What kind of vampires are they?! :) Bummer though. My husband and daughter are AB+ so Red Cross is constantly trying to get them to come in and donate platelets. I guess you can do that every 7 days or so. But it takes like 2 hrs. O.O Yeah, they don't want to do that.