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WoWwA ~ Side Jobs

*Book source ~ Local library
Title ~ Side Jobs
Author ~ Jim Butcher
Narrator ~ James Marsters
Publisher ~ Penguin Audio
Published ~ 11 November 2010
Genre ~ Fantasy | Paranormal
Length ~ 13 hours 13 minutes

Our Rating ~ 5
Narration ~ 5

Guest Reviewers

A ~ my 17-yr-old daughter
T ~ my 15-yr-old son
K ~ my 14-yr-old son

This anthology contains 11 short stories from before Storm Front to just after Changes.

While everyone agreed that it was nice to have a bunch of short stories in one volume, when I mentioned that they aren’t *all* in here the consensus was that there should be a one-stop read (or listen) for all the shorts. At least up to a certain point and then start a new one for any more that follow. Because, you know, the series isn’t over yet.

I’m not sure if my title numbering system is correct because I can’t seem to find more than one list with matching numbers, so don’t take the numbers as gospel. And someone needs to clean that shit up. Seriously. It’s annoying to fans to not have books/shorts numbered properly.

Restoration of Faith, #0.5 ~ Everyone enjoyed seeing how Harry and Murphy met.

Vignette, #5.5 ~ Short and meh. Least favorite.

Something Borrowed, #7.5 ~ Jenny Greenteeth. lol

It’s My Birthday, #9.2 ~ That teaches Harry to leave home without his wizarding toys. Liked seeing the cobbler elves. Cobbler not Keebler. hehe

Heorot, #9.5 ~ A story with Gard. Nice!

Day Off, #10.3 ~ Very funny! A favorite with everyone.

Backup, #10.4 ~ Thomas tells this story. A & T prefer Harry’s POV though K & I liked this one.

The Warrior, #10.5 ~ A’s favorite since she loves Michael, but everyone else really liked it, too.

Last Call, #10.6 ~ Third least favorite, but at least Mac is in it.

Love Hurts, #11.5 ~ Second least favorite.

Aftermath, #12.6 ~ Told from Murphy’s POV immediately following Changes, T didn’t like it because Harry’s not in it at all. Everyone else enjoyed it.

Too many quotes in all these stories to choose just one favorite, but this one from Aftermath stuck with us.

Dresden’s not gone,” I said. I touched a hand lightly to my brow. “He’s here.” I touched Will’s bare chest, on the left side. “Here. Without him, without what he’s done over the years, you and I would never have been able to pull this off.”

“No,” he agreed. “Probably not. Definitely not.”

“There are a lot of people he’s taught. Trained. Defended. And he’s been an example. No single one of us can ever be what he was. But together, maybe we can.” ~ Karrin Murphy to Will

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