Friday, January 9, 2015

Siren Tamer

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.
Title ~ Siren Tamer
Series ~ Siren Tamer, #1
Publisher ~ Sofia St. Angeles
Published ~ 28 October 2014
Genre ~ YA | Fantasy
Pages ~ 219

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Years ago the Kahlotah helped a group of people from the Nazahpas defect to their lands where they now call themselves Anonlah. They live peacefully in Kahlotah lands even though many of the Kahlotah people resent the sacrifice of their men in battle when they helped the Anaonlah defect. Many years have passed and Gideon and his Band of Brothers have come under the attention of Nemmin, the Kahlotah Chief Captain. He has a job offer for Gideon and his Brothers, to guard the Princess Aliya when the King travels to Nazahpas lands to negotiate another treaty. However, when Gideon and Aliya meet there is something more going on that neither understand. The Whisperings tell Gideon she’s the One and Aliya is doing her best to avoid touching him despite the overwhelming urge to do so. Both are unsure what their gifts are trying to tell them and those who know aren’t talking. Will they figure it all out in time to prevent tragedy?

It took me a bit to figure out the world in this YA Fantasy, but once I did I fell into it only to surface occasionally when the characters uttered current slang which sounded wrong for this richly detailed world. Gideon is a wonderful hero. I love him. Aliya is a snobbish rich beyotch and I could not stand her for most of the book. I could and yet I couldn’t understand her loyalty to her dumbass boyfriend, Zaeron. Wow. What a douchebag that guy is and yet Aliya puts up with him. I find it hard to believe a Princess would allow a lowly guard treat her the way he does. Anyway, there’s also some mysterious goings on behind the scenes to pique my interest, but then there’s a cliffhanger. Grrr! Overall though this is a lovely clean romance set in a fantasy world.

About the Author
 Sofia St. Angeles is the debut author of Siren Tamer. She's a stiletto-wearin', pirouette-turnin', book-lovin' gal who loves to archetype people. Archetype people? Yeah. It's a new character tool she's developed. Okay. It's really her obsession. She's fascinated by what makes people and characters so great. Thus, she spends her spare time asking people all sorts of fun questions, really getting to know what makes them tick! In another life, she hopes to be a big-haired match maker somewhere in Texas. As of now, she lives with her hunky hubby in the land of vampires and werewolves.


  1. I'm tempted yet I'm reluctant about that kind of heroin... I'll think about it - great review !

    1. She's annoying, but gets better. Does that help? :D