Friday, January 23, 2015

Guest Review

Guest Reviewer ~ Molly S. Daniels
Molly S. Daniels is a Marine Veteran, Military Spouse and Super Mom to both human and fur covered children. In addition to these important duties she is a Reviewer for InD’tale Magazine and is a Freelance Editor. An aspiring writer who actually enjoys cooking (who are you, you weirdo? lol)  Molly has a great sense of humor, a love of all things naughty and an amazing tolerance which she needs in abundance when dealing with me. :D 

Molly has generously agreed, once again, to sit in the Big Chair (mine) while I read and get some reviews queued up for you lovely followers to read. And I really *am* reading and writing reviews. I am not sneaking in any Diablo III on the Xbox or piddle farting around on the internet. Well, not a lot anyway. *coughcough* So, please enjoy another stellar review by Molly. :)

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.
Title ~ Venomous
Publisher ~ Stephenson & Fletcher
Published ~ 24 December 2014
Genre ~ Sci-Fi | Erotica
Pages ~ 652

Molly's Rating ~ 4
Steam ~ 5
Warning –rape/dubious consent

Lumen Young has been abducted from Earth, experimented on, sold into slavery, and is now stripped bare and put on display, a prize to be had by the gladiator slave strong enough to win the right to have her. She is won by Venomous One, a huge alien with four arms, scales, and strange eyes. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Lumen is taken to Venomous One’s lair where he intends to claim her as his mate. He wants to protect and care for her but his attempts are lost on Lumen as their cultural differences get in the way of their attempts at communication.
I loved that this was not your typical alien romance where the aliens just so happen to look just like us with only minor differences and once that magical translator is in place there are no longer any misinterpretations. The aliens truly are alien, and misunderstandings and miscommunications litter the pages as Lumen adjusts to her new life on a new planet with her mates. Lumen not only faces the challenges of adjusting to a new world and people, but she has to do so while eluding space pirates, coming to grips with a culture that has ménage matings, which means that she has not one but three mates, dealing with a nasty mother-in-law who wants her dead and avoiding being returned to the slave owner who tortured her. She faces it all head on and never once loses her sense of humor.
I very much enjoyed the read and found it bounced from dark and tortured to quirky, funny, and lighthearted. I lost interest at a couple different points in the middle, finding the constant troubles to be a little monotonous but pressed through because I just had to read the ending. Another thing that bothered me was that, while I felt the romance between Venomous and Lumen was well developed, her other two mates took a back seat to Venomous and remained there. They are lesser in the relationship and never do they become equally loved by Lumen.


  1. Oh this sounds funny..and I love that Lumen struggles and keeps her sense of humor.

    1. I'm dying to read this one. How do I find time to squeeze it in? I have no idea. lol

  2. I like the sound of this book. Great review!

    1. Molly did a great job of convincing me to read it. :) Now, to find the time...