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Founded in 2008, Untreed Reads is a digital-first publisher and ebook distributor with one of the largest distribution channels in the industry, supplying titles to over 200 retailers and 98 percent of libraries worldwide. With a catalog of works covering nearly every genre and the option for publishers to distribute their content through its network, Untreed Reads is a full-service location for authors and publishers.

*Books source ~ Many thanks to Untreed Reads for providing review copies in exchange for honest reviews.
Author ~ Tally Harbour
Published ~ 27 June 2012
Genre ~ Anthology | Horror
Pages ~ 115

My Rating ~ 3 bites

Fourteen tales of horror in this anthology will have something for everyone.

In my long and varied reading experience, it’s only fairly recently I’ve stuck my delicate toe in the horror genre. Not a fan of horror movies, or really horror in general, I have since found that there are certain horror books that I have liked and some I’ve quite enjoyed. I can’t say I’ve wholeheartedly embraced the horror genre, but the stories I have carefully handpicked have so far been a delightful surprise.

Glendy with the Iron Teeth ~ Was she? Wasn’t she?
Cooties ~ I felt itchy and gross after reading this.
Professor Patchwhite’s Garden ~ He got his, but it wasn’t what he expected. *shudders*
Cousin Pete’s Armidillo Farm ~ No. Just…no.
Rebecca’s Hand ~ Well, that escalated quickly.
The Tree ~ Karma’s a bitch, baby.
Pumpanddump Versus Pitchinditch ~ Creative! And amusing.
Dorain Necromanced ~ This is why you don’t obsess about celebrities.
Out of the Pleiades ~ Why did this have to involve a book? And remind me of Tom Riddle’s diary?
Anavrin ~ Um, dafuq did I just read?
Pine Trees ~ My favorite!
Procedure Monomania ~ Weird!
The Womb and the Window ~ The ending? Ewwww!
She of the Other Kingdom ~ I didn’t understand this one at all.

Author ~ Ian Lewis
Published ~ 14 August 2012
Genre ~ Horror ~ Paranormal
Pages ~ 68

My Rating ~  3 bites and a nibble

A series of events are told from multiple POVs in this tale about a small town named Halgraeve. Several residents and a mysterious otherworldly figure called The Driver tell the tale leading up to the unexpected conclusion.

The town of Halgraeve is so depressing in this tale. The writing is so good that I felt like I was there and I just wanted to get the hell out. To run far and fast. To get away from what appeared to be a dead end place in a rundown tiny corner of the world. The different POVs were interesting, but the most interesting character is The Driver of the black Camaro. I didn’t quite understand the world in which he existed most of the time or what his role in the real world was exactly, but I still found him fascinating. It’s not quite my type of book, but it’s a good read all the same.

Author ~ Barbara Metzger
Published ~ 11 August 2013
Genre ~ Anthology | Historical | Romance
Pages ~ 125

My Rating ~ 5 bites

Three humorous historical romance short stories in this anthology by Barbara Metzger will entertain the most jaded heart. I have yet to read one of Ms. Metzger’s stories and be disappointed. I count on them to cheer me up and turn my frown upside down.

Autumn Glory ~ A lively youngest sister helps her two elder sisters get the husbands they want. Shenanigans (and reader entertainment) ensue.

The Management Requests ~ First impressions are not always what they seem especially when a certain man doesn’t correct a certain woman’s first impression and in fact, encourages it. Like that ever ends well.

A Match Made in Heaven – Or Hell ~ A dash of the paranormal is added to this love story and it’s just the right amount to really bring the two stubborn characters together.

Author ~ Herschel Cozine
Published ~ 17 March 2014
Genre ~ Anthology | Fantasy
Pages ~ 62

My Rating ~ 5 bites

Nathaniel P. Osgood III is a private investigator in Nurseyland. Well, ok, he’s the only PI in Nurseyland, but even the crazy nursery rhyme and fairy tale people need a PI occasionally. This anthology contains eight cases from his casebook.

If I could rate this “to infinity and beyond” I would. That’s how much I love it. Out of the eight stories, I’ve read four of them already, but I read them again. Because that’s how much I love them. If you’re looking for a fairy tale (or nursery rhyme) retelling that is humorous and fun as well as creative then look no further. This is the one stop shop you want. Eight of them in one book. Eight! Grab your copy today and I bet my sweet bippy you’ll finish it with a smile on your face.

To Herschel Cozine: Please, Sir, may I have another? And another? And another?

A Sheep’s Tale ~ Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep. Or has she?

The Birds ~ You’d think this was about animal cruelty. Who bakes four and twenty blackbirds into a pie? The guilty party, that’s who.

The Porridge Incident ~ Falsely accused Goldilocks hires Osgood to find the real culprit.

Who’s There? ~ How does Osgood solve the case of the man who wasn’t there?

The Humpty Dumpty Tragedy ~ Not satisfied with the findings of all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, Osgood goes snooping on his own time.

Mystery at Pumpkin House ~ Is Peter a wife beater?

The Cock Robin Conspiracy ~ Cock Robin, a rock star? Who knew?!

The Shady Snow White ~ As it turns out, Snow White is not so white as snow, the larcenous wench.


  1. I am overwhelmed! Thank you for a great review.

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for entertaining me. *clears throat* Um, you did see where I'm begging for more, right? Right? *winks*

  2. Dear Carol, Thank you for taking time to read and review my book, Strange People Scary People. It really was a shot in the arm. Tally Harbour