Tuesday, September 16, 2014

99¢ Challenge ~ Love Me Always

*Book source ~ Purchased on Amazon
Author ~ Marie Higgins
Publisher ~ Canyonland Press
Published ~ 1 May 2012
Genre ~ Historical Romance
Pages ~ 222

My Rating ~ 1 bite and a nibble

Catherine Martin has been betrothed to a much older man, Grant Fielding, the Duke of Ashton, since she was fourteen. Catherine is not happy that she will have to wed a long-time friend of the family. She’s not titled, so she never thought she’d be forced into an arranged marriage and she’s not happy that she’ll not get the chance to find a love match like her friends. Now that she’s nineteen it’s time to announce the formal betrothal and plan the wedding. However, complications arise that no one could foresee and Catherine’s freedom is threatened in a way she never believed possible.

The premise for this book looked promising. A young beautiful woman set to wed a much older titled gent that she doesn’t love, his single, handsome nephew and heir who has loved her since their childhood and mysterious nefarious goings on that point to Catherine and question her sanity. A tangled web to be sure. However, this book just wasn’t for me. There is a lot of telling instead of showing and the characters weren’t very interesting. Catherine was spineless and she didn’t bother to question anything. Nicholas was an idiot and I just couldn’t believe in his love for Catherine. He was constantly sneaking into her room or stealing kisses, risking her reputation and then hating himself after. Gregg and Ian were cardboard cut outs propped up to create some dissension and the rest of the characters were caricatures. So, when I wasn’t rolling my eyes at the characters or the dialogue, I’m afraid I was bored out of my mind while reading this and won’t be continuing the series.