Monday, September 8, 2014

99¢ Challenge ~ Good Fences

*Book source ~ Purchased on Amazon for 99¢
Title ~ Good Fences
Series ~ Morris Payne, #0.5
Author ~ M.H. Mead
Publisher ~ Ion Productions
Published ~ 24 May 2011
Genre ~ Sci-Fi
Pages ~ 28

My Rating ~ 5 bites

Morris Payne is a hacker. Not just any hacker, one of the elite hackers. With a blizzard shutting down Detroit he has an opportunity to do a very tricky and risky hack before public utilities can get the power back up. However, just as he’s getting ready to start his delicate mission his neighbors, the Chens, come knocking at his door, bringing chaos (and a huge power drain on his reserve batteries) to his agoraphobic existence.

I love this story and I love Morris, screwed up cranky ass that he is. The Chens are pretty decent on the whole, but they just took over a neighbor’s house, using all kinds of power without asking what kind of generator or batteries he had. Clueless and thoughtless. And that Joey? I would have beaten his ass. Seriously. I definitely need more of Morris ASAP.


  1. Something I might have to check out :) Great review! Loving this .99 challenge!

    1. I'm putting the rest of the books on the groaning TBR. Thanks! :)