Friday, September 12, 2014

99¢ Challenge ~ Anthology 1: The Far Corners

*Book source ~ Purchased at Amazon
Author ~ Frank Tuttle
Publisher ~ Frank Tuttle
Published ~ 1 May 2010
Genre ~ Anthology | Fantasy
Pages ~ 85

My Rating ~ 3 bites

There are six fantasy shorts in this anthology and as with most anthologies, I have my favorites and those that are not so much. All of these stories are well-written and have great characters, so I won’t repeat myself about these points in my short summaries about each.

Keeping the Peace ~ I will vote this one as my favorite story and would love to read more about this world with its magic, trolls and other interesting things.

The Harper at Sea ~ I admit I love Jere the Harper. And as a traveler I’m sure there are many more of his stories left to be told.

Waking the Master ~ Ok, I admit this one confused me. Creatively told from the House’s POV, I didn’t quite get the magical anchoring and valley stuff. I pretty much figured out what happened to the Master though. I think.

The Truth About Arphon and the Apple Farmer’s Daughter ~ Also about Jere and how some bawdy songs saved his hide one night. I chuckled even though I worried he might meet his demise in this one.

One Such Shore ~ This one seemed all about decision-making. I will count this one as my least favorite.

Tinker Bell, Cannon Dale and the All Wheeling Nick of Time ~ Now, this is an interesting concept about the Fae, the world beyond the Veil and how the two worlds interact told through a simple-living yet genius bicycle maker.

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