Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Sunday Post ~ 49th Edition

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I'm going to start a Monster Porn Monday once a month. 
Even though I've been collecting freebies for a few months, this is the 1st one I've read. lol

AVR News Update
Hello and Happy Sunday! 

It's been two weeks since my last confession, um, I mean, update. We rushed around getting things ready for our trip to Ohio to pick up the kids which meant packing and cleaning & stocking the house in prep for our daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby who house and beast sat for us while we were gone. We were ginormously appreciative since the boarding for 6 beasts is not cheap. We left on Weds 7/2 and then we were traveling, visiting, traveling, visiting and traveling again. Nearly 1200 miles in 5 days. That's not too bad, right? *thud* As always, it was wonderful seeing family, but I (and my ass) was beginning to hate that van. When the hell are Matter Transporters going to be invented?!

In other news, the air conditioner has been working like the new trooper it is. It's been so hot and humid it really sucks. However, our tomato plants are looking pretty good, the jalapeño plants are really getting tall and the watermelon plants are doing so-so. The mint I have in pots look pretty good and I'll need to pick some and try in some tea. Good news is since I planted marigolds and mint around the raised bed I haven't seen any intruder bugs (yes, I'm talking about you, you bastard stinkbugs) subjecting devastion on my Precious Ones (tomato plants). Victory is mine!

In addition, it seems like we've been on the go a lot and hubby's vacay is coming to an end. He's hating having to go back to work Monday after having 13 days off. Supernatural marathons continue and we've blown through Season 6 (seriously Cas?!) and are well into Season 7 (Leviathans, hate them). We need to slow down. We're running out of road! We discussed what to watch next cuz I know we won't slow down. lol Maybe we'll go back and finish Lost (starting from the beginning) or try Grimm. I wish Netflix had NCIS. We've been wanting to watch that one for awhile now.

To wrap things up: We've had a wonderful time with one more event for tonight (Saturday). We're going to Pure Pro Wrestling (I've mentioned we've been to a few other events) where we'll get to see friends and have fun. Then tomorrow (or today since this is the Sunday Post)...we rest for next week starts the usual daily grind again (except for school).

That's it for me. AVR News Update signing off. May all your books enthrall you.
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This one I requested and thought I wasn't going to get.
*does happy dance*

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Book I had no business grabbing since I'm way behind.
*guilty look* 

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  1. Hmmm monster porn monday, sounds fun ;) Man you've been really all over the place! What a great couple weeks, I can see why your hubby is not looking forward to work tomorrow. I think you're going to end up passing me on Supernatural! I really slowed down with season 7, I just hated the Leviathans so much. Honestly, I felt like the show should have ended after season 5, but will always come back to watch those boys, even if the story isn't as good. But I'm much slower going now... If you're doing Netflix, we just started Orange is the New Black and are enjoying it. Have a great week and enjoy your garden!

    1. I've been pondering that one for awhile now and I think it's time. I have tons of freebies and it's not like they're long. lol

      We're still loving Supernatural, but it is...well, not bad, but more I think suffering from what I call 'Middle Syndrome', where it's been on for awhile and it's just not as new and shiny anymore (like how some book series get). But we'll keep watching. I've been hearing about Orange is the New Black though I don't know what it's about. I'll have to look into that one.

      Almost have some maters ready!! *jumps up and down* I love 'em! :D

  2. I LOVE NCIS! Mark Harmon is just perfect in that one. I tried to rewatch Lost awhile ago since by the time it ended we were so confused. I hoped watching it all at once would help but it just didn't work for me. I'm thinking about giving CSI:NY a try because I love Gary Sinese (sp?) and it's on Netflix. Grimm looks interesting too. Great books this week! I'm especially wanting to read Crossover.

    1. I wish Netflix would get it or even Amazon Prime. *sigh* We'll give Lost a go since we stopped watching when we dropped DirecTv in 2009 and we watched CSI:NY all the way through right before we started Supernatural. We could do CSI:Miami because we missed the last few seasons of it, too. We'll find something. lol

  3. Great new haul, I hope you'll like your new books. Happy reading!

    1. Thanks! I'm very much looking forward to reading them. :)

  4. Never fun to go back to work after a long break - I feel for your husband! But hopefully you will still enjoy the rest of summer.

    1. He was wimpering on the way out the door this morning. Poor fella. :) It's ok though. He works a 4-shift alignment which means he'll work 2 days and be off 2 days, so Weds and Thurs he's off. However, he'll have to work 3 days (F-S-S) then off 2, on 2 and off 3. See? Not a bad schedule. :)

  5. I can't wait for Monster Porn Monday! I better stock up on popcorn. :D

    NetFlix - Primeval. Yes, it can be cheesy and there are plot holes but it's fun and has lots of eye candy. It's my go-to show for binging -

    We got some of the same books. I also got the Marcia Clark books and the Walker book.

    Have a great week!

    1. I'm trying to figure out what Monday to do it. 1st one of the month? In the middle? Last one? Hmmm... But I'll announce it when I figure it out, so you have time to get popcorn. :D

      I'll see if hubby wants to watch Primeval. Looks like it might be fun and I bet our 15-yr-old might enjoy it. Of course we have Sherlock to catch up on, but it's not like the seasons are very long in that show. Yeesh.

      Thanks and you, too!

  6. Ever After was a must read though..LOL. Sounds like ya all had fun and yep we need transporters for sure! Enjoy your week my friend!

    1. I swear before this month is up I'm going to read that whole series! I'm reading my InD'tale books now and then I think I'll dive into it. *pauses* Although...I'm really antsy about Night Unbound. I so so soooooo want to start that one. *eyes it*

      Thanks, Kimba! :)

  7. I have some Marcia Clark and Edward Lorn too. What a great haul you have. Happy reading!
    sherry @ Sherry's Shelves

    1. Edward Lorn has fast become one of my favorite authors for two reasons: his books are great and he's an awesome guy. :)

      Thanks! :)