Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Walking on Wednesday w/Audios ~ Death Masks

*Book source ~ Purchased at Audible.
Title ~ Death Masks
Author ~ Jim Butcher
Narrator ~ James Marsters
Publisher ~ Penguin Audio
Published ~ 29 October 2009
Genre ~ Fantasy
Length ~ 11 hrs 21 min

My Rating ~ 5 bites out of 5
Narration ~ 4 bites out of 5

Harry Dresden, wizard and PI, is hired by Father Vincent to find the Shroud of Turin. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing on Harry’s plate. The Red Court has sent Ortega to Chicago to kill Harry, either outright or in a duel. It’s Harry’s choice, but if he doesn’t agree to the duel then Ortega sees nothing wrong with killing anyone Harry cares about. Of course Harry agrees to the duel. All three of The Knights of the Cross are in town looking for the Shroud and trying to keep Harry away from it because they believe he will be killed, his girlfriend Susan is back, but not for the reason she tells Harry and the Denarians are also sniffing around Chicago. Poor Harry. When it rains, it pours.

Guest reviewers:
A ~ my 16-yr-old daughter
T ~ my 14-yr-old son
K ~ my 13-yr-old son

Ok, there is a lot going on in this book, but everyone is still loving the series. Big surprise there. Not. :D The humor continues to entertain and is a big part of why this series is a favorite. The plot had several things going and we worried Harry would drop one or more of the balls he was juggling. With help he manages to not only stay alive, but return the Shroud to the Church. How could we have doubted him?? Everyone agreed that it was nice of Harry to give Marcone the ultimatum at the end and they didn’t doubt that Marcone would comply.

New faces won approval: Kincaid, The Archive, Butters, Sanya, Shiro, Molly and even Ms. Gard. Old faces have returned: Bob, Susan, Murphy, Thomas, Michael, Marcone, Ebenezer (phone appearance) and Mac from McAnally’s. Oh, and Anna’s favorite…Mister. Can’t forget him. Some new faces were not liked such as Ortega (though we saw him very briefly in Grave Peril), all of the Denarians, but Nicodemus in particular and we’re on the fence about Martin.

Everyone thought the duel was pretty cool and that Ortega was a liar liar pants on fire. They loved meeting the other two Knights and Ebenezer impressed the crap out of them with this little thing he did at the end. I won’t say what because that would spoil it, but it’s frickin awesome. The fight for the Shroud at the end was pretty good and what’s a helicopter swooping in to fight without Ride of the Valkyries playing? Which is actually a pretty funny inside joke that will come up in a later book. K & I laughed since we’ve read the books.

Favorite quote:
“…The next time I opened my eyes, I was in the morgue. This, all by itself, is enough to really ruin your day. I was lying on the examination table, and Butters, complete with his surgical gown and his tray of autopsy instruments, stood over me.
‘I’m not dead!’ I sputtered. ‘I’m not dead!’”


  1. This series is fun and done very well in audio (even the 2 that weren't done by James) :)

    1. The first couple weren't that great narrator-wise, but he's gotten better. Wait...there's some he doesn't narrate? I hate when they change in a series. You get used to a person and then it's different. We hated the change of narrator in the Artemis Fowl series.

  2. that's great you all love this series still. i want to start it sometime soon. love when books have good humor.

    1. They just get better and better. We just finished Dead Beat and there is something in it that is so spectacularly awesome that I have no words. LOL But I'll find some because I need to write that review. :D

  3. bah I am still behind and on book 4 :( i really need time for this, I love Harry

    1. Get the audios then you can do other stuff while listening. :)

  4. Replies
    1. The first couple, Marsters is getting his feet, but he gets better. :) New book comes out next month. Just sayin'. ;)

  5. This series was really highly recommended by a friend. I have book 1 on my TBR list.