Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guest Review ~ Stone Cold Dead

*Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
Series ~ Rock Shop, #1
Author ~ Catherine Dilts
Published ~ 8 January 2014
Genre ~ Mystery
Pages ~ 331

Rating ~ 4 bites out of 5
From Goodreads:  When her brother abandons the family rock shop, recently widowed Morgan Iverson reluctantly becomes the manager. Business is as dead as the fossils cluttering the dusty shelves. While rounding up a runaway donkey, Morgan discovers the body of a Goth teen. When a newspaper article hits the streets hinting that Morgan witnessed the murder, she becomes the victim of escalating threats that make it clear the killer thinks she holds a clue to the teen's murder. Morgan knows her life won't be worth a pile of fossilized dinosaur dung unless she can dig up the murderer. Stone Cold Dead is an amateur sleuth mystery set in a mountain tourist town populated with lively western characters and two determined donkeys.
When my husband saw I had a mystery for review (he loves mysteries) that I wouldn't be able to get to for awhile he said he would review it if he didn't have to actually write the review. So, here is our collaborative review effort on the book he read that I haven't had time to read yet. I bet Catherine Dilts didn't know she was going to be our guinea pig when she sent me the book. :) This should be interesting...

Me: Hi, Honey. Welcome to my blog. :)

The Studly One (TSO): It's nice to be here. *waves to readers*

Me: So, you read Stone Cold Dead for me. I know how much you love Robert B. Parker and you haven't been able to find any other books to meet your *whispers* exacting *normal voice* standards in regards to mysteries, but overall how was this book for you?

TSO: I thought it was pretty good. The characters were interesting and well-fleshed out, the story was pretty good with enough twists and turns to keep me interested and the pacing while a little slow in spots, wasn't too bad. The main character at times reminded me of Stephanie Plum (the main character from Janet Evanovich's Plum books). Not in a bad way because I enjoyed those books, but the character, Morgan, seemed to be getting herself into too many situations that could have been avoided.

Me: How was the mystery part of it?

TSO: Pretty good though I was pretty sure I had the killer figured out about halfway through. Well,I had it down to 2 people, but I couldn't say I was 100% positive of who the killer was.

Me: Were there any secondary characters that stood out?

TSO: Yes, Del was an older guy who helped Morgan with the store and he was quite the character.

Me: Would you continue with this series?

TSO: Yes. Absolutely. I'm still on the hunt for another Robert B. Parker though. *sighs mournfully*

Me: I swear you have a bromance with that man. It's sad he died. *sighs*

TSO: I know. I'm hungry. Are we done yet?

Me: You sound just like the kids when I'm trying to get them to give me their thoughts on the audiobooks we listen to.

TSO: *stares at me* I'm still hungry.

Me: Fine. Go eat. So, there you have it folks. Hubby enjoyed the book and would continue on with the series. Have a great day and may all your books enthrall you!

After I wrote up this review we were at the library for our usual weekly trip and look what we spotted out on the 'New Mystery' shelf!


  1. haha fun review!! I did a review similar to this with my mom. She normally writes things out, but sometimes she doesn't know what to say.

    1. Thanks! :) Hubby does not like to write, so it's a compromise. ;)

  2. Awesome review and very entertaining! I love these kinds of convo reviews. And this book is new to me but it sounds pretty good and character driven which is the most important for me! :) Glad you liked it!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm looking forward to reading it since he enjoyed it.

  3. *waves* Hello The Studly One! ::snort:: Glad you enjoyed this one. I loved the Stephanie Plum series so will have to pick this one up and give it a go. Hope the snack was yummeh!

    1. TSO: *returns wave* It was entertaining. I need to finish the Plum books and the snack was yummy.

      Me: All food is yummy to him. lol