Saturday, January 18, 2014

Showcase Saturday ~ Graphic Novels

*Book source ~ Many thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for providing review copies in exchange for honest reviews.
Author ~ Gail Simone
Illustrator ~ Walter Geovanni, Jenny Frison
Published ~ 12 February 2014
Pages ~ 160
My Rating ~ 4 bites out of 5

Red Sonja is determined to pay back a debt to the only man she respects, but in doing so she comes face-to-face with her past and what happens next is not pretty.

Red Sonja’s story, from how she became Red Sonja, to the slave pits and her freedom by a King is fascinating. Red Sonja isn’t afraid of anything and is an awesome warrior. She can really kick some ass! But when she’s faced with Dark Annisia, she sort of crumbles. Annisia has always been the better warrior and Red Sonja can’t bring herself to strike her down even if she could get the better of the insane woman. In the end, Red Sonja surrenders and is sent off to a desolate region to die. Of course, she doesn’t die. What kind of story would that be?

The illustrations are wonderful and complement the story just right. I’d be willing to read more about Red Sonja and some of the other characters (the twins in particular) in her world.

Author ~ Patrick Shand
Illustrator ~ Butch Mapa, Rohvel Yumul
Publisher ~ Zenescope
Published ~ 8 July 2014
Pages ~ 156
My Rating ~ 3 bites out of 5

The Realm Knights are called together to fight a powerful evil that has escaped from Tartarus, but he’s not going to be easy to defeat.

I haven’t read comic books since I was a kid many years ago (no, you may not ask how many) and even then I didn’t read super hero type comics. I read things like Duck Tales, etc. So the Realm Knights and the Grimm Universe are something I’ve never heard of and from this graphic novel there are indications that there are many of stories of the Realm Knights. This is sort of a stand alone unless you’re like me who prefers to start at the beginning.

The illustrations are fantastic, but the story was so-so for me. And what’s up with Hades? He seems to be a bit of a douche. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never read any other stories in this series, but I didn’t care for him. And where was Zeus? Again, I must have missed something from previous installments. The ending has an opening for another story, but I don’t think I’ll be continuing since I didn’t really connect with any of the characters. I think this series is one that should actually be read in order to get the full appreciation of it.

Author ~ Tom Hammock
Illustrator ~ Megan Hutchinson
Published ~ 28 January 2014
Pages ~ 216
My Rating ~ 4 bites out of 5

Aurora Grimeon’s parents died from eating poisonous mushrooms in their homemade spaghetti sauce and though she was also poisoned from the sauce she didn’t eat the mushrooms. Drinking some milk thistle had her recovering and being sent to her only relative, her grandfather Silver, to live on Ossuary Isle in the swamps of the Deep South. Aurora is the only child on the island and is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the creepy place she now calls home. She’s beginning to like her grandfather and the other inhabitants, but something evil is stirring in the swamp and Aurora might be a target. Instead of cowering though Aurora starts digging to discover what the evil is and how to get rid of it. Will she figure it out in time?

I really enjoyed Aurora’s story and all the strange characters on the Isle. It’s a creepy place, but Aurora takes it in stride and tries to learn all about her new home. She’s not exactly sure she wants to stay in a creepy place with no other children to play with, but her grandfather is her only relative, so she makes the best of it. Along the way she finds she enjoys working with her grandfather and his pet raccoon Missy as well as spending time with the local Hoodoo mistress. The mystery of the blue light is interesting and creepy keeping my attention as I tried to figure out what it is right along with Aurora as she investigates it.

The illustrations are perfect for this tale. They have a very gothic feel, an almost Nightmare Before Christmas look, but not as ghoulish. All-in-all a very enjoyable read.


  1. I have a review of Red Sonja coming up in Feb, it definitely turned out to be a really good read. I was really expecting to like it as much as I did. I haven't read the other too though, so I'll have to look into them

    1. I enjoyed it! I'm hoping for more of Red Sonja on NetGalley. lol My favorite was Will O' the Wisp though.

  2. I have been really interested in reading Willo the Wisp. I keep seeing it on netgalley and wasn't sure if I should request it or not. Plus graphic novel are a good way to get your ratings up on netgalley too since they are short. I also just discovered it's a read now title so I totally just downloaded it. Can't wait to read it.

    1. LOL Enjoy! And I agree that graphic novels are a fun and easy way to get the % up on NetGalley. The only thing I hate is reading them on my computer. But they're not long, so it's not too horrible. :)