Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Days of a Kensington Christmas ~ Must Love Vampires

Author ~ Heidi Betts
Publisher ~ Brava/Kensington
Published ~ 4 September 2012
Genre ~ Paranormal/Romance

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Kensington for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating ~ 2 bites and a nibble out of 5

This book contains two short stories, Vampnapped is about Charlotte ‘Chuck’ Lamoureaux and Sebastian Raines and Married…with Fangs is about Chuck’s twin sister Chloe and Sebastian’s brother Aidan.

Chuck is a reporter for a questionable tabloid, the Sin City Tattler that has stories about Big Foot, aliens and the like. She’s been following Sebastian around because she thinks he’s a vampire and she wants to prove it. After convincing her sister, a showgirl at Sebastian’s casino, to switch places for the night so she can sneak into his penthouse apartment, her snooping does not go quite as planned.

Chloe is more than happy to take the night off so she can spend it with Aidan. They’ve been dating for a month and now Aidan has asked her to marry him. They’re going to use her night off to get married Vegas-style. However, they’ve both been keeping some secrets that could end the marriage before it even gets a running start.

Neither of these stories really did it for me. While there were moments of entertainment, neither story had any substance. Chuck’s story was mildly entertaining if you can get past her insistence on being called Chuck (ugh!) and the fact she is a major airhead. Chloe is a gold digger who would rather be out partying and trolling for a rich baby daddy than spend time with her son. Aidan comes across as shallow and interested in only burning up the sheets. Sebastian was the most interesting character. If you like fluff with vampires then this might entertain you, but I found it lacking.


  1. awww shucks! Sometimes they just don't work though :(

    1. I know. I wanted to like it, but nope. There are a few funny spots, but not enough. Ah, well. Onward...

  2. Well boo, I liked the concept and even though it had some entertaining moments I think I will pass on this one :(

    1. If you're in the mood for fluffy and cheesy then this would be the one. It's definitely not one I would reread.