Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Sweetmeats Press Selection ~ FREE on Smashwords

Adult Content ~ 18+
Over the past year I have reviewed several anthologies by Sweetmeats Press and I thought I would highlight my favorite story out of each one. All of the stories in each anthology are available to purchase individually in case you'd like to sample a delicious appetizer instead of indulging in a sumptuous meal. While each one is available at Sweetmeats Press, Amazon, B&N, Kobo and iTunes, as an extra special treat my favorite selections are FREE on Smashwords for the next 24 hours. Hurry! You won't want to miss out!
Bon App├ętit!

In the anthology Naked Delirium
Author ~ Velvet Tripp
My Rating ~ 5 bites

Stella and her friends Twister, Zero, Melody and Scorpion were working a healing ritual when Stella suddenly changed. She wanted sex, rough sex, the more pain the better. Her companions gave it to her, but when she woke the next morning she couldn’t remember much about the night before. It took them a little while to realize that during the ritual she had somehow become possessed by a woman named Adolpha. Now, they just need to figure out a way to coax her to leave Stella before Adolpha’s love of pain gets Stella seriously hurt.

Holy crap! This is a smoking hot read. The writing, the characters and the sex are wonderful. There’s even some supernatural thrown in. Yum! Beware though. The sex in this story is rough with multiple partners, so if BDSM involving a lot of pain alongside the pleasure isn’t really your thing then you might want to skip this one. If it is your thing then what are you waiting for? Grab it right now!

In the anthology Seven Deadly Sins
Author ~ K.D. Grace
My Rating ~ 5 bites

Jack Calendar thinks he’s just doing a bit of harmless voyeurism until he falls out of the tree and is taken inside the mansion he was spying on and introduced to the occupants. These aren’t any old occupants though. They are mythological beings and Jack thinks he may have hit his head a bit too hard. However, he soon realizes that they are all too real and his life changes dramatically. But is it for the better? Read and find out.

This is one creative story. I love mythology and when you combine mythology with erotica, well…win! The writing is awesome, the characters are even more awesome and the story is hot and humorous. I look forward to reading more stories by K.D. Grace.

In the anthology Immoral Views
Author ~ Lucy Felthouse
My Rating ~ 5 bites

Police Constable David Beckett learns that there is an event called dogging and it involves parked cars and sex. When his fellow officers break up a dogging meeting and he misses it, he decides to do some internet searching to see what the fuss is all about. Unfortunately for David, dogging turns out to be a huge turn on for him. He had no idea! Now, it’s all he can think about and he’s determined to check out a dogging event for himself to see if it lives up to his fantasies. Getting caught there though could mean the end of his career. After several hard ons in one day though he decides the risk is worth it.

I had no idea what dogging was before this story. How intriguing! And inventive! And kinky! And hot! Ok, you get the idea. *winks* Poor David. He’s just curious about some kind of sexual behavior and the next thing he knows he’s stumbled on a major kink of his. One that is driving him crazy. I loved his dilemma! Oh, and the ending? Awesome!

In the anthology Made For Hire
Author ~ Kyoko Church
My Rating ~ 5 bites

Laura and Jack are a couple, but while she enjoys being with Jack, the relationship isn’t quite what she wants. She wishes there was more. One day while Jack is working in his home office, Laura decides to hang out by the pool. That’s when 18-year-old Mason walks into her life. Suddenly Laura is thinking all kinds of naughty, and guilty, thoughts. She’s with Jack. She can’t have Mason. Or can she?

Holy wet panties! This is a hot read.  Laura isn’t getting what she wants from Jack and Jack is clueless. When Mason shows his considerable interest in her, Laura feels guilty. Yet she’s also incredibly turned on. I loved how Laura was conflicted and yet she was brave. She made the move that turned out to be just what she, and Mason, needed. Bravo!

In the anthology The Candy Box
Title ~ Candy Cottage
Author ~ Kojo Black
My Rating ~ 5 bites

The Candy Cottage has five luscious short stories, each deliciously sexy in their own right, but I would say my favorite of the five is Lunch Break.

Once a month a woman meets her two lovers at what she calls The House. This meeting is her indulgence that family, friends and colleagues have no idea about. Wouldn’t they be surprised if they could see her there, ordering her two male lovers to satisfy her every whim. The setting, the characters, the sex…all were beautifully woven together for a most excellent treat. 


  1. Wow there is a whole lot of naughty up there and some of these sound good. I am curious about Immortal Views and that cover made me giggle snort. Thanks for sharing these.

    1. Yeah, there does seem to be way too much booby in that cover. ;) These are nothing like most freebies that are found on Amazon. Sweetmeats Press puts out some quality erotica. It was hard choosing just one from each anthology to highlight. :)

  2. These all sound deliciously naughty! And they also sound like they have pretty decent story lines, which so many don't. I love the sounds of A Woman Possessed - Erotica plus Fantasy? Hell yeah! Thanks for sharing - I'm off to collect them :-)

    1. Aww crap on toast! I just realized you did this post on Wednesday and I'm behind so they aren't free anymore. Oh well, next time!

    2. Bummer! I have 2 more anthologies coming up from Sweetmeats. I'll do my best to let you know if there are any freebies associated with my reviews. Most likely will be in January though. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Oh nooooooo!! I should have emailed you! I'm sorry! :(