Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Featured Spotlight ~ Sweetmeats Press ~ 3 Reviews

Adult Content ~ 18+
Over the years, Sweetmeats Press has, with much pride and affection, emerged as a publishing company deeply invested in pleasure.  Readers and friends will know us to be passionate purveyors of unrepentant erotica, and we pride ourselves on whisking up scrumptious tales of decadence and desire for the enjoyment of bad girls and boys everywhere.  Our tales celebrate the sensuality of lust unbound, the thrill of immodest experimentation, and the delicious honesty of orgiastic rapture.  Indeed, the very name “Sweetmeats” comes from the idea of a vast and delicious array of sweet delicacies to be consumed however you wish.  You might suckle on each morsel in devout moderation.  Or you may wish to devour everything all at once in one gluttonous free-for-all that leaves you with a sticky face, gooey hands, and a grin from ear to ear.  Opening a Sweetmeats book should always be a pleasure, a treat, and a celebration.  To those of you who have heard of us before, we welcome you back to the celebration.  While to new friends, we hope to delight, inspire and arouse!

*Books source ~ Many thanks to Sweetmeats Press for providing review copies in exchange for honest reviews. 
Please note: Only paperback books are illustrated.

Title ~ The Candy Box
Author ~ Kojo  Black
Illustrator ~ Lara Addams
Published ~ 9 May 2012
Genre ~ Erotica

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble out of 5

The Candy Box contains two lovely and yummy sections that contain within them additional delicious stories. The first section is about the Candy Cottage where Madame Beatrice reigned and many erotic adventures were experienced. This section contains five separate tales. After the five Candy Cottage stories there are Director’s Commentaries for each scene giving interesting behind-the-scenes information about their journey to film. The other section is about the Harward Girls Academy of Music and also contains five delicious stories followed by the Director’s Commentaries for each as they were turned into film.

Candy Cottage
  1. The Madame ~ 4.5
  2. Candy Girl ~ 4.5
  3. Lunch Break ~ 5
  4. Short and Sweet ~ 4.5
  5. Favorite Friends ~ 5

The Harward Girls
1.      Lydia’s First Lesson ~ 4.5
2.      Jackie’s Duet ~ 5
3.      Water Music ~ 4.5
4.      Sweet Harmony ~ 4.5
5.      Exquisite Quartet ~ 4.5

All of the stories are hot and well-written. Some appealed to me more than others, but they are all yummylicious with a diversity to satisfy almost any appetite.

The Director’s Commentaries are a very interesting addition. I’m the type who likes extras on DVDs so these greatly appealed to my streak of curiosity. And I wouldn’t mind adding these films to my collection. *winks*

The illustrations are divine. They are so life-like they look like photographs. Simply divine. And drool-worthy. 

My favorite in each section:
Candy Cottage ~ Lunch Break
Harward Girls ~ Jackie's Duet 

Title ~ Immoral Views
Editor ~ Kojo Black
Illustrator ~ John LaChatte
Published ~ 31 October 2011
Genre ~ Erotica/Anthology

My Rating ~ 5 bites out of 5

Immoral Views contains five sexylious stories to blow your, er, mind. Each extremely different from the other, but all well-written and so incredibly steamy. The illustrations are exceptionally scrumptious, they practically jump off the page and they complement the stories very nicely.

  1. The Circus ~ Kay Jaybee  ~  4.5  My review of this story is here.
  2. Inside Looking Out ~ Lexie Bay  ~  5
  3. Allotted Views ~ K.D. Grace  ~  4.5
  4. Painted Pussycat ~ Rebecca Bond  ~  4.5
  5. Caught in the Act ~ Lucy Felthouse  ~  5
I'd say that Caught in the Act is my favorite in this selection.

Title ~ Made For Hire
Editor ~ Kojo Black
Published ~ 15 July 2013
Genre ~ Erotica/Anthology

*Note ~ This book is not illustrated.

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble out of 5

Made For Hire has five scrumptious selections to whet your appetite. I thoroughly enjoyed four of the morsels, but the last one left me unappeased. And completely confused. I didn’t understand it at all. The other stories are well-written with wonderful characters. The last story puts me in mind of crime noir, but I felt as if I was missing large chunks of the story and that was frustrating. The best part is at the beginning when the guy is yelling out animal sayings while having sex.

  1. Sweet. Sweeter ~ Kyoko Church  ~  5
  2. Gardening Days ~ Esmeralda Greene  ~  4.5
  3. Laced ~ Amélie Hope  ~  5
  4. Safekeeping ~ Annabeth Leong  ~  4.5
  5. L.A. Armoire ~ B.Z.R. Vukovina  ~ 1.5

My favorite: Sweet. Sweeter.


  1. Wow, lots of naughty late night reads to choose from! wonderful reviews, and some sound perfect for a yummy read late night when you aren't ready to crack open a new book!

    1. Yes, very naughty and very well-written. Each one is perfect for a short read (a little snack) when you don't have time to start a long book. Read them before bed for steamy dreams. ;)