Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Featured Spotlight ~ Red Adept & the Caching Out Tour

Red Adept Publishing has been in business for over a year. They have 15 books out and several more to come before 2014. RAP publishes most genres, so there is something for all readers. The focus is on publishing quality books.

Author Morgan C. Talbot
Morgan is an outdoorsy girl with a deep and abiding love for the natural sciences. Her degrees involve English and jujitsu. She enjoys hiking, camping, and wandering in the woods looking for the trail to the car, but there isn’t enough chocolate on the planet to bribe her into rock climbing.

When she’s not writing, she can be found making puzzles, getting lost on the way to geocaches, reading stories to her children, or taking far too many pictures of the same tree or rock.

She lives in Eastern Washington with her family.

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*Books source ~ Many thanks to Red Adept for providing review copies in exchange for honest reviews.
Title ~ First to Find
Series ~ Caching Out, #1
Published ~ 22 October 2012
Genre ~ Mystery

My Rating ~ 5 bites out of 5

Margarita Williams lives in Silver Creek, Oregon, works at the local hospital, is an avid geocacher and puzzle enthusiast. She’s just picked up a new Aussie roommate who was dumped by her fianc√© upon landing in America and she has rented the other half of her duplex to some weird, but quiet neighbors. Life is fairly normal until one early morning when she runs out to find a new cache and while she does find it, she also finds a fellow cacher on the ground with a head wound. When he dies at the hospital later and sets off a string of weird events and cacher deaths, Margarita can’t help her curiosity and pits her sleuthing skills against the, to her mind, incompetent Acting Chief of Police in the hopes of nabbing the killer before more of her friends cache, er, cash it in at his hands.

My first experience with Morgan C. Talbot’s writing and I’m off and running at the first page. The story flows by so quickly that before I knew it I was done and clambering for more.  While I had a basic understanding of geocaching before reading this book, the details provided in this twisty mystery are fascinating especially since they are provided via wonderful writing. The characters are detailed, fully dimensional and so interesting that they feel as if I can call them up and see if they’re up for some cache hunting. Until I remember they aren’t real. Kinda depressing, really. All of the twists and turns and the plethora of suspects kept me guessing until the end where Margarita and Bindi, the Super Sleuthing Duo, brought it all together. With humor, great characters, a twisty mystery, secrets and a hint of romance in the air there’s much to love in this beginning of a very promising series. All-in-all an excellent humorous mystery suitable for whiling away the hours.

Series ~ Caching Out, #2
Published ~ 6 February 2013 
Genre ~ Mystery

My Rating ~ 5 bites out of 5

Margarita, Bindi and Drew head to an historic inn for a weekend caching event. It’s only been a few months since they nabbed a killer responsible for the deaths of three caching friends, but when a man seemingly dies of a heart attack, but his body disappears, Margarita and Bindi can’t help but stick their curious noses in to figure out the puzzle. But instead of unraveling one mystery several more pop up. What on this Green Earth is going on and how do they put a stop to it before more people die?

Book Two in the Caching Out series is just as good as the first. Even though the story picks up three months after the group has nabbed a serial killer and life seems fairly normal, they’re about to step in it again. Can I say how much I love the writing, the characters and the mystery? Oh, yeah, it’s my review, so I can. The writing is wonderful, the mystery deviously twisty and the characters delightful. There are so many things going on that it can be hard to keep up, but that just made me more determined to figure out whodunit, which I didn’t. Foiled again! Though I did have some suspicions, nothing my gut was telling me would’ve held up in court. All-in-all a sizable serving of excellent mystery with great characters and humor for dessert. 

Series ~ Caching Out, #3
Published ~ 4 August 2013
Genre ~ Mystery

My Rating ~ 5 bites out of 5

It’s the Fourth of July and hotter than Hades in Silver Creek, Oregon. Drew is busy working for his ‘new’ company, so Margarita and Bindi take off to do a geocaching power trail at Camp Rushing. Unfortunately, they stumble across a guy who appears to have died from anaphylactic shock. It’s only after Bindi takes a tumble off her bike and breaks her arm necessitating a trip to the information center for an ambulance that they discover the poor guy was murdered. Of course this sets off Margarita’s curiosity and she wants to know why? And more importantly, who?

Book Three of the Caching Out series and I’m addicted. I might need rehab or something while I wait for the next one. I love these books with their deviously convoluted mystery and the awesome characters. Oh, the characters. Margarita and Bindi are both funny and yet so not a caricature. They have depth and layers, so many layers and are, oh so interesting. I thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in yet another story that tests my sleuthing abilities. Uh, not really my strong point, but still a totally enjoyable read. I am hoping this series will continue for a long time to come. If you like stories that offer a tricky mystery with plenty of suspects to choose from then this is the one for you.


  1. Thank you so kindly for your enthusiastic and thorough reviews! I appreciate your time, reading all three of my books, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed spending time with my characters!

    1. You're very welcome and thanks so much for entertaining me! :)