Friday, April 12, 2013

Under the Gun

Title ~ Under the Gun
Series ~ Underworld Detection Agency
Author ~ Hannah Jayne
Publisher ~ Kensington
Published ~ 5 February 2013
Genre ~ UF/Paranormal/Romance/Mystery

My Rating ~ 4 bites out of 5

Magically immune Sophie Lawson is the only human working for the Underworld Detective Agency. Her official title is Head of the Fallen Angel Division, but that doesn’t really keep her very busy. Good thing because Sophie has been having an interesting time lately. And by interesting I mean she’s been investigating some serious crimes that seemed to involve demons. And by investigating, I mean she’s been running around half-cocked, throwing about wild theories that end up being wrong before she finally figures things out and generally getting herself injured multiple times in some way or another.

This time Sophie’s former boss, werewolf Pete Sampson, shows up at her door. This is the Pete Sampson we thought was dead. Just as he shows up in town murders start happening. Murders that look like a wild animal attacked. Or was it a werewolf? Sophie needs to clear Sampson’s name and figure out who is murdering the humans, but she’s starting to wonder if it’s another werewolf or if it’s actually Sampson.

I think I’m starting to actually like Sophie now. She’s not as annoying as she was in the first three books. In fact, she appears to have some kind of natural ability when it comes to wielding a sword. I want to see more of that! We meet Mort who is an interesting, if not deranged, character. I’d love to know his story. Still not liking Alex. If he’s going to be Sophie’s love interest then I’m never really going to love this series. Nina and Vlad’s dilemma cracked me up. All-in-all the series is getting better and I look forward to the next book Under a Spell due out August 6th.

*Book source ~ Many thanks to Kensington for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page.

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