Friday, March 15, 2013

The Lingering Dead

Title ~ The Lingering Dead
Series ~ Jackie Rutledge, #3
Author ~ J.N. Duncan
Publisher ~ Kensington
Published ~ 1 April 2012
Genre ~ UF/Paranormal

My Rating ~ 4.5 bites out of 5

Former Chicago FBI agent Jackie Rutledge is now working for Special Investigations and trying to come to terms with her new freaky abilities acquired when she crossed over into Deadworld with a vampire and a ghost to stop a psycho vampire. Unfortunately, she died there before being revived back in the normal world. So while she’s waiting for her former boss to get funding for a special FBI paranormal unit, she’s heading up a private paranormal group, figuring out her abilities and attending therapy for the loss of her FBI partner and for things she’d like to leave in the past. Then an old note in a cold case file gets them interested in a small town called Thatcher’s Mill. They decide the unusual ghost activity noted in this town is worth investigating, so they have their first case. Oh boy, does it turn out to be a doozy.

Fast-paced and well-written this story keeps you turning the pages trying to figure out what the heck is going on in this small very weird town. Favorite characters from previous books are back and Jackie seems to be making some headway in being less prickly, damaged and unlikeable. Progress! The plot is interesting and completely crazy. Loved it! The ending was totally unexpected and I hope to see Book 4 soon because I’m really liking Jackie’s world.

*Many thanks to Kensington for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it so much! Book 4 is in a bit of limbo right now. Hopefully, I'll be writing it toward the end of the year (working on another project right now). I would like to get back to it, as I have really enjoyed Jackie's journey, and I want to see her healthy once again and have some fun with Nix, the freaky thing that haunts her from Deadworld with his own mysterious agenda.

    1. Yeah! What is up with Nix?! I'd really like to know, too. lol As far as Book 4, I guess I can distract myself with other books until it's done. ;)