Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feyland: The Dark Realm

Title ~ Feyland: The Dark Realm
Series ~ Feyland, #1
Author ~ Anthea Sharp
Publisher ~ Anthea Sharp
Published ~ 4 December 2011
Genre ~ YA/UF/Fantasy

My Rating ~ 5 bites out of 5

Jennet Carter’s father is a program manager for a company called VirtuMax and they make video games. They’re working on a Full-D system where the gamer is completely immersed in the game. Full sensory simulation where it feels like the gamer is actually in the game world. When the lead game developer dies the company transfers Jennet’s dad to Crestview and Jennet moves with him even though the school is well below what she is used to. Jennet has to stay close to the prototype Full-D system her dad has because when she was gaming in Feyland something strange happened when she lost to the Dark Queen.

Now, she needs a champion to go back into Feyland and win back what she lost. But in this poor technological wasteland of a school will she be able to find a champion capable of simming? She better because she only has until Halloween before the Dark Queen sucks all her energy until she dies and Feyland gate crashes into the real world. Will Tam Linn be that champion? Can he escape his messed up life long enough to save Jennet? And is he good enough to beat the Dark Queen and her champion, the Dark Knight? Jennet certainly hopes so.

Well-written and smooth-flowing this story wastes no time with dilly dallying and proceeds along at a crisp pace. The plot is extremely interesting and I love the characters. With Feyland crouched on the other side of the Gate waiting to pounce on the unwary humans in the real world I’m very curious to see what the next book brings.

*Many thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page. 

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