Friday, February 15, 2013

Devilishly Sexy

Title ~ Devilishly Sexy
Series ~ Devilish, #2
Author ~ Kathy Love
Publisher ~ Kensington
Published ~ 29 May 2012
Genre ~ Paranormal/Romance/UF

My Rating ~ 3.5 bites out of 5

Michael Archer is a man out of time, a Demon Slayer and one of The Brethren. However, a nanosecond of inattention meant a demon was able to freeze him with a curse, a curse that lasted for 33 years. All he wants is to go back to slaying demons, but times have changed and Michael needs to get with the new program of trying to save the people who have lost their souls instead of instantly killing them, a program he doesn’t believe in. Until he meets and has an instant attraction to the editor-in-chief (in name only) of HOT! magazine Liza McClane and finds out she’s one of the lost souls.

Liza McLane worked hard to put HOT! magazine at the top of the fashion industry until Satan sends the evil demon Finola White to take over. Finola needs Liza to continue doing a brilliant job, so Liza is handed a bum deal and gets stuck with being possessed by a demon in order to keep her attached to the magazine. Liza only gets relief from the constant yammering of her demon when she drugs him with Benadryl. Unfortunately, the constant overdosing of the drug is causing some serious health issues, but Liza wants a normal relationship with Michael, so she keeps doing it. How much longer can Liza hang on? When will Michael tell her he’s a Demon Slayer? When will Liza tell him she’s possessed by a demon? Why is Satan trying to take over the world through the fashion industry? Well, three answers out of four isn’t bad.

This was a very enjoyable read. The writing is great, plot fast, characters interesting and the villains are deliciously villainous and backstabbing. They are demons after all. I particularly liked Michael. His character seemed to step off the page and stand in front of me. Yummy!

I’d also like to say that the first page and a half was one of the best openings of a book. Ever. Love, love, loved it!

*Many thanks to Kensington for providing me with a review copy. Please see disclaimer page.

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