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Bonjour Sensualitié

Title ~ Bonjour Sensualitié
Series ~ Bonjour Sensualitié, Episodes 1 & 2
Author ~ Ellé
Publisher ~ Ellé
Published ~ 14 November 2012
Genre ~ Erotica/Short

My Rating ~ 3.5 bites out of 5

Simone had a fall from her horse and the only injury she sustained was the loss of her sight. The doctor believed the loss was only temporary and ordered Simone to wear a mask at all times in order to completely rest her eyes. Simone adhered to the doctor’s orders about 90% of the time and was heartened to see some improvement on those times she needed the mask off, such as when she bathed. To keep herself occupied she listened to many audiobooks. It was during Simone’s listening to Lady Chatterley’s Lover that her Aunt Macy discovered a job for a young woman posing for an artist and his student. The artist, William, was happy to hire her even wearing the mask. So off Simone went to her first sitting with William and his student, Eve.

The first episode in this series is about Simone and Lady Chatterley. Simone is enthralled with Lady C and the story helps her to relax and blossom while sitting for the painting especially after Eve has arranged her legs and breast for a full sensual effect. Having a mask frees Simone to be more uninhibited, to feel more sensual, to identify more with Lady C. Aroused to the point of pain, when the sitting is over she feels bereft, but then as Simone is ready to leave, Eve whispers in her ear to leave her panties off for the next sitting.

The second episode in this series is about Simone and Eve. After the first sitting Simone has been restless and aroused. Her body is no longer known to her. She’s feeling things she hasn’t felt before. At her next sitting will she wear her red panties or won’t she? When Simone arrives at the studio, Eve guides her into place, arranging her body like last time only this time she licks Simone’s nipple and while raising Simone’s skirt whispers her praise at seeing no panties. By the end of the sitting Simone is once again painfully aroused and bereft of relief. Before she leaves William whispers to her that he wants her naked at the next sitting and it will be just the two of them.

Both stories were fascinating, sensual and arousing. I’m not a fan of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, but I like how Simone is identifying with her and blossoming into a sensual woman. I’m looking forward to reading the third story about Simone and William.

*Many thanks to the author for providing me with review copies. Please see disclaimer page.

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