Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Title and Cover for Demon's Coven

I read and reviewed Demon's Coven by A.J. Burton, but it now has a new title and a new cover, so I wanted to update my blog to include this new info. The new title and cover (which I like):

My review for Demon's Coven posted on 7/11/12.

Detectives Angelo ‘Bull’ Protettore and Tommy Delaney have been partnered up by the Chief either in the hopes they’d get their acts together or screw up even more badly so they get kicked off the force. Tommy has real anger management problems, but Bull is still dealing with losing his fiancé to a serial killer. Just when it looks like Bull is finally pulling his life back together the serial killer strikes again and Bull is determined this time to catch him, no matter the cost. Tommy agrees to help because on top of his anger management problems he has a real problem with authority and playing by the rules.

Starting with a missing persons case and ending with a lot of bodies on the ground I really enjoyed watching Bull try to piece together a lot of various pieces of a much bigger puzzle to find the serial killer. Intertwined with the case is a group of Dominatrix informally known as The Style Mistresses who Bull thinks are involved in some way, so he attaches himself to one of them in hopes of finding out more about the group. Along the way he and Tommy learn a lot about themselves and solve the case, too.

This was a great read! It proceeded at a good clip, had a twisty plot and an interesting cast of characters. The best part? It’s not completely over. While this part of the mystery was solved there’s still a bigger mystery to unravel. I can’t wait for Book 2!

*The author provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer.


  1. Interesting cover lol! this sound like a cool read!
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  2. Hi ShadyLane! I thought it was pretty good and thank you. :) Following you back.