Thursday, July 26, 2012

Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart
   ~ Annabelle Blume
Publisher ~ Inkspell Publishing
Published ~ 7 August 2012

My Rating ~ 5 out of 5

Cressenda lives with her two sled dogs, Tonk and Tilo, out in the icy wilderness far from the Collective. She’s an Outlier, a Missing Person and if she’s caught (Reaped) she’ll be sent back to the Collective to a work camp and Matched against her will. For ten years, ever since her parents were Reaped when she was 16, she’s been on her own. Surviving. Every trip to the Trade Path in the Collective runs the risk of getting caught, but she has to get supplies every few months and it’s time to make another trip. How much longer will her luck hold out?

I was sucked into this story right from the start. It’s a short well-written dystopian story about a strong woman and a strong man in an impossible hopeless situation. The world building is excellent without wading through a lot prose. Sparse yet effective wording made me feel as if I was right there living in that desolate world. So much so that it was a shock when the story ended and I found myself sitting in my office chair, feet up on my desk, A/C and fans running to beat the 100º heat and wondering why I wasn’t traveling on a sled behind Tonk and Tilo speeding off into my future.

I will most definitely read more by Annabelle Blume. Bring it on!

*The publisher provided this story to me for review. Please see disclaimer page.

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