Monday, April 16, 2012

Bond with Me

Bond with Me (Fallen, #1)
    ~ Anne Marsh
Publisher ~ Dorchester Publishing
Published ~ 24 August 2010

My Rating ~ 4 out of 5
    Hotness ~ 2 out of 3

Mischka Baran needs to find her cousin, Pell, before her cousin does something rash…again. Brends Duranov owns the club G2, an exclusive club that caters to his brothers, The Fallen. Mischka can’t find her cousin without Brends help and Brends has never wanted a woman like he wants Mischka. Throw in the fact that Mischka and Pell need protection from a psycho serial killer, a Fallen rogue, and the odds tip in Brends favor of coercing Mischka’s agreement to bond with him. Let the fun begin.

Awesome read! I love the world building. The plot is excellent. The characters are hot, interesting, well-developed and I did mention hot, right? The side story about Pell and Dathan included in the story arc is also decent though short. Don’t read the sex scenes in public. Wowzers! *fans self* This different take on Fallen Angels is very cool. I can’t wait to start His Dark Bond and see how the plot continues.


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  2. Good review, this one definitely seems interesting :)

  3. OOOh thank you for this post! I love fallen angels premises and the hotness factor has got me hooked *adds book to 'to-read' list* :)
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    Thanks, Imo! It's very interesting! I just reviewed the 2nd book, too.

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