Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nicholas (The Lords of Satyr, Bk 1) ~ Elizabeth Amber

Three satyr brothers live on an estate of vineyards, growing grapes for their famous wine and guarding the gate to ElseWorld. When the King of ElseWorld sends eldest brother, Nicholas Satyr, a letter stating he is near death and proclaiming that the brothers must wed the three half-human, half-fairie daughters he sired 18 years earlier, Nicholas is the first to go in search of his bride.

The world Elizabeth Amber creates is fascinating, her story flows smoothly, the plot well-developed and all of the main characters are both likeable and interesting. The erotic scenes are paced just right and the vivid imagery had me clenching my thighs and wriggling in my seat.

I’m so glad I discovered Amber’s ‘The Lords of Satyr’ and can’t wait to start ‘Raine’, the next book in the series.

My Ratings
Content: 4 out of 5
Hotness: 3 out of 3


  1. I actually own all The Lords Of Satyr books but haven't gooten around to reading them.
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  2. I actually have read all the books now. I just need to post reviews. Thanks for following! I'm a new follower of your blog, too. :)

  3. Ok! I've been seeing this all over the place, I guess it's time to check it out. Nice review!
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  4. Dang! That cover is a promise that her satyrs will sure get my engines revving! lol

  5. Thanks, Lupdilup! The follow me gadget does that sometimes and Idk why.

    The Lords of Satyr series is hot. My husband was very appreciative of my reading them. lol