Monday, July 23, 2018

A Shot in the Texas Dark

Book source ~ ARC.
My review is voluntary and honest.
Al Quinn Novels, #4
Mystery | Suspense
15 May 2018
204 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

When the Bone Lady asks Al Quinn, semi-retired detective with the Sheriff’s department, to find her missing daughter Gerta, Al discovers that this may be his toughest case yet. There’s very little trail for him to follow. He grasps at the slightest leads and listens to his gut more than any other time in his career. And while the dead bodies keep piling up around him, he’s no closer to finding Gerta. Will Al and his friend Fergie find Gerta (more importantly - find her alive) or will deadly trouble find them first?

I’ll start off by saying how much I love diving into an Al Quinn story. What a great character! His sidekicks are pretty interesting, too. And the Bone Lady? How can you not love the scary Cheyenne wielding knives so skillfully? lol Oh! Mustn’t forget the best character of all – Tanner, the wonder dog. I just want to hug him and pet him and scratch behind his ears. Who’s a good dog? Tanner is! The mysteries keep me guessing and I love Al’s process of investigating. With this 4th book though, I have to say the villain formula is starting to wear just a little bit thin. I still love the story, but it might be nice to maybe go in a different direction for the next one. All-in-all an excellent suspense-filled mystery with humor sprinkled in for added flavor.

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