Friday, April 27, 2018

Blade of Darkness

*Book source ~ Purchased
19 September 2017
Paranormal | Romance | Humor
394 Pages
My Rating ~ 5 bites

Immortal Guardian Aidan O’Byrne has been alive and alone for nearly three thousand years. Terminating vampires with extreme prejudice got old a very long time ago. Now that he’s been transferred to North Carolina, where there seems to be an unusually large population of gifted female humans, he’s hoping he can finally find the one to banish the loneliness forever. So, maybe, he’s helped a few of those meetings along by flattening a few tires and coming to the rescue? All’s fair in love, right? And Dana Pembroke, gifted psychic, may be The One for him. If only he can keep her safe while his enemies plot against him and his brethren then maybe he can finally get his happily ever after.

Oh, Aidan. So hot, so deadly, so damn adorable. For a guy who’s nearly three millennia old, he’s gotten pretty modernly creative in his ways to meet women. Ever since he was introduced into the Immortal Guardians world I’ve been waiting for the poor guy to get his lady love. He’s more than met his match in Dana and I couldn’t be happier for them. Every time one of these books comes out I sound like a broken record about how much I love them. Each book has action, suspense, mystery, tension, hot steaminess, paranormal elements, and humor. Oh, man, how I love the humor. The characters are awesome, the plots twisty, the sex hot, and the action believable. Though it is not necessary to read this series in order, I highly recommend that you do so. You’ll get a whole lot more out of each book and the series as a whole if you do. I hope there’s many more books in this series yet. I’ll mourn when it eventually ends.


  1. Oh, this series sounds really good! And since this is book 7, I've probably said this before. I do have book one but haven't read it yet. One of these days I suppose I will find the time.

    1. This is one of the best series I've ever read. It has everything I love in a book. They are each highly entertaining, so find time. Seriously. I think you'll love them.