Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kindle Review ~ Dark Wine at Midnight

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Book source ~ Kindle Lending Library
25 April 2017
Paranormal | Romance
368 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Cerissa Patel is sent to The Hill to observe the vampire community and assess whether they are a threat to mankind. As her first field assignment unfolds though she’s finding it much more difficult than she expected. In addition, there is an assassin or assassins out there trying to kill the founders of The Hill. With Cerissa falling for founder Henry Bautista and someone out there gunning for him, she ends up making more mistakes than she thinks her superiors will allow. Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

One would think the vampire stories would be played out, but this take on the vampire world has a twist I didn’t see coming. A very interesting twist it is, too. The characters and story kept me involved, but there are some spots that drag a bit. And Cerissa sometimes needs to grow a stiffer backbone. Another downer is the story ends before there’s a decent resolution. Not exactly a huge cliffhanger, but disappointing all the same. However, the overall story is pretty good with characters to love and some hateful characters that you’ll want to put a stake in.


  1. I love the cover of this book! I've never read a vampire story before, but I did watch Port Charles when they were doing vampire stories!

    1. I've read lots of vampire stories. Some awesome, some ok, and some really bad (yes, I'm talking about you Twilight). This is a pretty decent read. :)