Monday, January 15, 2018

For the Love of Katie

Book source ~ ARC. Review is my honest opinion.
18 April 2017
Contemporary | Romance | Humor
290 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Katie Maxwell is back and up to her usual shenanigans. She was just going to snoop around a bit to find out what her new husband, Cooper, is keeping from her and the next thing she knows she’s being arrested. In Paris. With no ID. She has to do some fast talking to stay out of jail, but she must convince the inspector because there’s no way she’s giving birth in prison.

The beginning of this book has Katie arrested for stalking Cooper Maxwell. Since she has no ID on her they think she’s lying about being married to the famous author and she’s just yet another crazy groupie. When the inspector asks her to start at the beginning, well, she does. She takes us back to the end of the first book and then brings us up to speed on why she’s sneaking around spying on Cooper on a closed film set in Paris. In-between there’s all kinds of crazy goings on as Katie and Cooper attempt to get married. Lots of humor and fun to be had in this light-hearted rom-com! You can read it if you haven’t read book 1, but really, who does that?! My only complaints are that Katie doesn’t stiffen her spine enough and her shenanigans are a bit too much at times. Otherwise, it’s quite the entertaining read.

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