Friday, November 17, 2017

Once She Was Tempted

*Book source ~ NetGalley
29 October 2013
Historical | Romance
384 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites and a nibble

Daphne Honeycote was poor until recently when her older sister and the Duke of Huntford fall in love and get married. From near gutterhood to a stately mansion Daphne is enjoying her change of circumstance and, at age 22, her first Season amongst the ton. But when a risqué portrait from her near past comes into the hands of Benjamin Elliot, the Earl of Foxburn, everyone she holds dear is at risk of a scandal most scandalous. Can she persuade the grumpy Earl to keep her secret and help her find the matching portrait before her family suffers for her eyes-wide-open decision to pose for the paintings in exchange for money to help with her mother’s medical expenses?

Well-written and engrossing this is an historical romance that kept me entertained from beginning to end. Daphne is no wilting flower – she’s optimistic, strong, and has a curious mind especially when it comes to healing techniques. Ben is the perfect stubborn, scarred and hurting man to match with her. The two battle head-to-head over more than the portraits and the author balances these scenes perfectly. Not too little substance and yet not too much arguing. Their attraction is a joy to watch and it’s fun watching Ben try to fight it. Sorry, buddy. You’re doomed to a HEA. LOL I think fans of historical romance will enjoy this book.

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