Monday, October 30, 2017

Kindle Review ~ Witch at Odds

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21 January 2016
Paranormal | Mystery | Cozy
238 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites

Inheriting her “crazy” Aunt Fiona’s all-and-sundry shop and finding out she also inherited Fiona’s witchy powers threw Jinx for a loop, but she’s been coping fairly well. Until now. Taking things in stride has given Jinx a big head and now she’s all set to do some stupid shit. Which she does. Now, she has to fix things before the world figures out magic is a real thing.

I enjoyed book one enough to continue with book two, but I have to say the bloom is off the rose. Jinx does something really stupid because she thinks, after only a month and some internet research on some sketchy sites, that she’s got a handle on her witchy powers. Um, no. She has a magical shop for fuck’s sake! I would have been bugging the shit out of Myrtle for answers or to be pointed to the proper research materials. But no. She’s an idiot who then compounds her stupidity yet again later in the book. And again. I’m done. I cannot read a book where the main character is a moron. Plus, other characters are keeping secrets from Jinx when she really needs to know this shit. For realz. Great concept. Lame MC. Poor plot.


  1. Yikes. Sorry the second book failed ya. Such a cute cover though.

    1. I'm disappointed. This could be a great, cute series. But the dumb stuff is just too much.