Friday, July 28, 2017

Kindle Review ~ Shifted in Seattle

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3 October 2016
Paranormal | Romance
123 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites

Ruby Parsons takes a chance and goes on a first date with a man she talked with briefly at a show. After he puts an ad in the paper, her roommate answers it for her and away Ruby goes. But Ethan Lane has a secret, actually two secrets, and when they are mugged after their date, all hell breaks loose. Finding out Ethan is a famous author is one thing, but can Ruby handle a relationship with a Sasquatch?

This is decent shifter story with a unique shifter I’ve never seen before – a sasquatch. Well, that explains a lot. I just thought Big Foot was the reigning Hide-n-Seek champion when all this time he’s just been a shifter. The plot is a bit too convenient at times and the timeline is a little wonky, but for the most part this tale delivers an interesting, steamy, and occasionally amusing bit of entertainment. Side characters are decent, too and there’s multiple POVs, always a favorite of mine.

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