Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hers to Bear

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8 September 2015
Paranormal | Romance
180 Pages

My Rating ~ 3 bites and a nibble

Jenna Raynes is the new kindergarten teacher in Honey Corners, West Virginia. Shifters have come out to the public and Honey Corners is predominantly a werebear community and Jenna loves it there. When Bern Helms walks into the local grocery store and claims her as his mate, Jenna’s whole life changes. She goes from the girl who had never been kissed to the girl who landed a hunk of burning bear love.

There’s a decent story in here if it could only be edited a bit more. Jenna constantly doubting her big self and her ability in landing a strong handsome bear is tedious, but the truly awful part is Bern calling her “little one” in every single sentence out of his mouth. Ok, I’m not sure if it was every one, but it’s damn near every one. It’s like having an author constantly calling people by their name in dialogue. Who does that? This “little one” thing bugged me so much by about 1/3 of the book I just wanted to stop and rate it a DNF. I like the world and the characters so I slogged on, but my rating reflects my irritation over this issue. I’m not sure I want to continue with this series. I may give book 2 a try, but if I see endearments out of control, I’m outta there.

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