Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Darwin Elevator

*Book source ~ NetGalley
30 July 2013
Sci-Fi | Dystopian
511 Pages

My Rating ~ 4 bites

It’s the 23rd century and Darwin, Australia is the last city standing. An alien technology has created a type of elevator to space and it generates an aura that protects people from a devastating plague that turns humans into primitive creatures. Humanity has been decimated and those that are left scramble around Darwin just to survive. Then there are those who live above the elevator, in space; the Orbitals. An even smaller number of people are immunes. They can travel outside the aura to scavenge what’s left without worry of contracting the plague. When the elevator inexplicably begins to fail, Skyler Luiken and his crew of immune scavengers are hired by Neil Platz, the richest man on and above Earth, to discover the reason why. And Neil wants his protégé, Dr. Tania Sharma, involved in the mission. Things get ugly quickly when a power-hungry despot throws a spanner in the works and all of Neil’s plans fly out the window. Or do they?

True to the sci-fi genre this is an epic sweeping tale of aliens mucking about with Earth and the consequences that follow. The thing with this story though, is we know nothing about these Builders who sent the elevator. They never showed their…faces? But Neil is convinced that they will return. Alien technology, set in the future, race against time, two plots running concurrently, a bleak dystopian world, and great characters who never saw themselves as heroes makes for an all-inclusive read. There’s much to love and hate (I’m looking at you, Russell) here as well as mystery and action. It’s a bit long in areas and could have used a little cutting here and there. Also, at times, it’s nearly too far-fetched, but overall a great story.

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