Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dragon Prince's Mail Order Bride

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Title ~ Dragon Prince's Mail Order Bride
Bonus Story: Saved by the Alien
Author ~ Linda Mathers
Published ~ 21 August 2016
Genre ~ Paranormal | Romance | Ménage
Pages ~ 56

My Rating ~ 3 bites and a nibble

With so few of his kind left, Dragon Prince Nicholas is at his wits end trying to find a mate. His trusted assistant, Blake, finally puts forth a daring suggestion…using the internet. So the plan to find a mail order bride is put into motion and Kristine is his chosen one. Now, the next biggest hurdle is whether she’ll be able to accept a dragon shifter for a husband. Hmmm…

The writing is so-so and because this story is so brief it leaves a lot of character and world development short-changed. And the author has an unseemly love of the comma. It’s plastered all over the book like a creepy stalker's Wall of Fame. However, it’s not a bad read. I do find Kristine’s quick acceptance of dragons a bit hard to swallow, but I’ll go with it. A yummy component to this love tale is that Blake has  lately developed sexual feelings for his Prince and now for Kristine as well. They’re teetering on the horns of a dilemma. Will he/won’t he? Will she/won’t she? Can there be a HEA for them?

I must alert to the fact my copy ends at 54% to make room for another short story titled Saved by the Alien which I found to be better written and much more relatable. Yeah, I know, it’s about aliens and humans living on other planets besides Earth, but I like the characters better in this one. They aren't as stilted and the whole thing flows more smoothly.

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