Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kindle Review

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Erotica ~ Mature 18+

*Book source ~ Kindle Lending Library
Author ~ Natasha Wallace
Published ~ 17 January 2016
Genre ~ Erotica
Pages ~ 37

My Rating ~ 2 bites

Gregg defers to his hot wife in all things and he’s been the cuckold many a time for her, so when she says she wants their neighbor to pound him in the ass he acquiesces even though he’s never considered guys in that way. But now that she’s put the thought in his head he can’t stop thinking about it.

This would be one hot story if it didn’t have so many problems. Amateur writing and shitty editing kill it. Actually, I don’t think it was edited at all. Gregg is the most interesting person in the story, but then again it’s told from his POV, so he has slightly more depth than his wife whatshername and the stud next door. If this is an example of this author’s writing I won’t be looking at any more books. No matter how hot the story, shit writing is still shit writing.


  1. What a shame! From that description I was VERY interested :(

    1. Exactly my thought, Berls. Very disappointing. *sigh*