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Guest Review ~ WoWwA

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*Book source ~ Audible
Title ~ Sebring
Author ~ Kristen Ashley
Published ~ 11 January 2016
Genre ~ Contemporary | Romance
Pages ~ 446

Rating ~ No Rating

Nick Sebring has never been accused of being a good guy. He is dirty, corrupt, and a liar or at least he was. After a lifetime of living in his brother Knight’s shadow, Nick concocts a scheme to take him down and finally watch Knight’s fall from grace.  However, nothing goes as Nick planned and he finds himself alone, again and examining the man he has become.  After much soul searching Nick’s life finally seems to be on track, he has job that satisfies him and woman to warm his bed and heart, until one day when she is murdered. Now Nick exists for revenge.

Oliva Shade is the daughter of a formerly powerful drug runner and arms dealer. Doing the books and taking care of the men that work for her father makes up her entire life. As her father’s power and wealth circle the drain, he becomes more dangerous and unpredictable. Oliva has longed for freedom her whole life but knows that the only freedom for her lies in death, that is until she meets Nick Sebring. Finally Oliva has something of her own, but nothing is as it seems in this world. As these two fall in love and fight forces trying to keep them apart, will Nick finally be able to keep the woman he loves safe? Especially from himself?

I have been waiting what feels like forever for this book to finally come out. I was expecting another 4-5 star read from Ms. Ashely and so excited to finish this series. However I DNF’d around 50%. I have to say that this had nothing to do with the writing or the narrator for that matter. This was the first audiobook I have attempted and unfortunately they are just not for me. Perhaps if I had tried listening while on a long drive I would have made it to the end of this novel and actually known what happened. I have purchased the ebook and plan to give this one another go! 

Guest Reviewer
 Amelia is a coffee, book and crafting obsessed, 20-something girl, living in upstate NY. Her perfect day is spent getting lost in another world and she often has trouble distinguishing reality from the books she reads. Until recently, she has been of the chronic "read and rate" type. Being that she takes reviews into careful consideration before selecting a new read, she thought it was high time that she  dip her toes into the reviewing to world. 

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