Saturday, April 2, 2016

#BookishResolutions Progress Report ~ March 2016

The 2016 Bookish Resolutions Challenge is hosted by 
Laura at trips down imagination road and Michelle at Because Reading.

The Road So Far...
I remember now why I stopped doing challenges. I suck at them. LOL 
Reading Goals
1.  Get my NetGalley % up to a minimum of 80. Currently at 45%
**I'm guessing I need to read at least 2 per month to boost my % and I managed that even though the reviews haven't gone up yet. Goal reached**

2.  Finish 3 series that I ha
ve started and that are now complete.
          Sookie Stackhouse
          The Hollows
          Night Huntress
**Zero progress on this front so far. Goal in progress**

3.  Listen to a minimum of 1 audiobook a month in addition to the ones with the boys.
**Goal fail**

4.  Work on backlogged review requests. Try to rebuild review spreadsheet that was lost when computer crashed to help with this goal.
**I don't have the numbers, but I continue to work on them. Fuck the spreadsheet. I don't have the patience or time to rebuild. Goal in progress**
Blog Goals
1.  Write reviews no more than 24 hrs after completing book unless real life interferes.
**Been pretty good with this goal. Goal reached**

2.  Draft posts for current reads, so I only have to slot in the review when finished. 
**Just added some to my currently reading even though I technically haven't started them yet, so I need to draft the posts.  Goal in progress**

3.  Draft meme posts a few months ahead of time.
**I have all of April ready to go, but only one for May. But it's the important one...Monster Porn Monday. Goal in progress**

4.  Maintain alternating schedule as closely as possible: M-W-F then T-TH-S with a weekly Sunday Post. 
**Goal reached**

5.  Start new memes: Book Treasures and Kindle Reviews
**Meme graphics done by Michelle at Limabean Designs and I've been using them. Goal reached**
Personal Goals
1.  Develop healthier habits.
         Move more
         Drink more water
         Give yoga a try
**On April 1st hubby was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. So, there will be major changes in our eating and exercise habits.
Goal in progress**

2.  Get this catastrophe of a filing system under control.
**Yeah, right. I'll get to it eventually. Goal in progress**

3.  Write/plot/research my stories a minimum of 20 minutes, 3 days a week.
**I was going to and RL got in the way. Goal stumbled**

Bonus: Money permitting, finish the Exterior Library. Post pics.
**No extra monies yet. Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll fly out of my butt.**


  1. These are some awesome goals! I really need to get in the habit of writing review within 24hrs as well, but it's so difficult when life and other responsibilities get in the way. This challenge looks hard - good luck with your goals and congrats on the ones you have finished so far! :)

    1. The review writing one is difficult, but so far I've managed to stick pretty close to it. :) The others...not so much. LOL But there's plenty of the year left, right? :)

  2. Damn, I had a comment all typed out and lost the whole damn thing. Things like this are devastating to me... :/ This is why I can't set goals or follow through.

    1. I stopped doing challenges, but decided to give this one a try this year. Next year, no challenges except for the general reading one on Goodreads and BookLikes.

  3. I love your goals! I am also struggling to write the reviews within a timely manner. I got behind in reading during my slump, so when I got back on track I just wanted to read. I had four reviews I needed to write, and I still have yet to write one of them. I've been doing OK with drafting everything for my review posts a few books in advance so I just have to pop in my review. It's so helpful! I am sucking at my NetGalley goal...

    1. I need to catch up on the drafting. I've not been doing any reading, so I have no reviews to write at this time. Makes it easy. lol My NetGalley goal sucks, but I'm confident I'll get that up for NetGalley November. :)