Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kindle Review

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*Book source ~ Kindle First
Author ~ Jacques Vandroux
Publisher ~ Amazon Crossing
Published ~ 1 February 2015
Genre ~ Mystery
Pages ~ 447

My Rating ~ 3 bites and a nibble

Captain Nadia Barka has many years of experience being a police officer. When the case of a mutilated woman left in a locked baptistery falls to her to solve, she’s stumped. With very few leads she catches a break when a computer technician tells her he saw the abduction and murder, but they were visions, not hard evidence. Barka is skeptical, but with no other leads to follow she checks out his story. Julien Lombard thinks he’s going crazy when he witnesses a second woman’s abduction and murder. Why is he seeing these things? But more importantly, how can he convince the police to take him seriously when he can’t convince himself?

Told from several POVs this tale of suspense isn’t exactly trouble-free. There is some head jumping and some awkwardness in the writing and dialogue that could be from the translation from French to English. Also, there are an inordinate amount of exclamation marks. However, the story was compelling enough for me to soldier on and I’m glad I did. A serial killer with his own weird agenda, a dedicated cop and her team, and a man who is suddenly thrown into a situation he never believed would be possible. I love the touch of the paranormal and the way everyone hunts down leads in trying to prevent another murder from happening. An enjoyable suspenseful read.

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