Saturday, September 19, 2015


*Book source ~ Library
Title ~ Troublemaker
Author ~ Janet Evanovich, Alex Evanovich
Illustrator ~ Joëlle Jones
Publisher ~ Dark Horse
Published ~ 20 July 2010
Genre ~ Graphic Novel | Humor
Pages ~ 106

My Rating ~ 3 bites

From Goodreads:
Narrator Alex Barnaby 30 and NASCAR driver Sam Hooker fight crime the only way they know how - leaving a trail of chaos. Hooker's friends Rosa and Felicia call for help. To find a missing man, Alex and Sam go deep into the underbelly of Miami, survive Petro Voodoo, explosions, gift- wrapped body parts, a deadly swamp chase, and Hooker's mom.

Not a terrible story, mostly fluff which isn’t always a bad thing. Beware the cliffhanger though.  The story may have failed to impress, but that artwork...wowzers. It’s fantastic! Totally worth reading the book for the art alone.


  1. Fluff, yeah I can imagine it is given the author. Sometimes you need a little fluff. :)

    1. Fluff can sometimes be just what the Dr. ordered. :D And I thought the art is gorgeous.