Saturday, November 1, 2014

KLL Review ~ The Prince with No Heart

*Book source ~ Kindle Lending Library
Author ~ Emma Holly
Publisher ~ Emma Holly
Published ~ 7 April 2011
Genre ~ Fantasy | Erotica
Pages ~ 99

My Rating ~ 4 bites

Prince Augustin of Madrigar was cursed and blessed. Cursed by Gratiana to have no heart and blessed by Ariel to have great beauty and vitality and that no weapon can harm him. Ariel’s husband Clevis, decided to throw in a blessing also and said that Augustin’s sword would be untiring and make all the ladies swoon.

Princess Violet of Arnwall has problems. Her parents were kidnapped by wereseals and her kingdom is small and not very wealthy. When a werewolf sets his sights on marrying her and she laughs at him he curses her with nearly uncontrollable lust. She needs a champion to defeat the werewolf and make him lift the curse, so she sneaks out and heads out into the world. Is Augustin the right one? Will Violet maintain her status as a maiden around his untiring sword? Will they live happily ever after?

Decently written with humor and extreme hotness this is fairy tale erotica. I’ve read many stories by Emma Holly and this seems a bit less polished than her usual fare, but I still enjoyed myself. It’s not all that long, so there’s not a whole lot of time to develop a rich world with the well-rounded characters that you would see in a novel, but it’s still entertaining. Be warned that this story ends at 70% while the rest of the book has plugs for other titles and some excerpts.


  1. Oh, thanks for the warning about when the story ends! That makes me so cranky with ebooks. The story sounds kind of silly but in a fun way. I gave up KLL after the free trial period but maybe I can get it via Prime.

    1. KLL and Kindle Unlimited (KU) are two different programs. KLL allows 1 book per month with Prime and that's what I have.

      You're welcome! I do, too. It is a bit silly and light, but I enjoyed it. :)

  2. Wereseals? omg I love that. Oh yeah the fake length is annoying as all get out. Definitely makes you reconsider on price for some books. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. I wish the wereseals had actually been on page. That would have been cool! lol And yeah, it is annoying. REALLY annoying. You're welcome!